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There’s a tree in our roof!?

by Alicia in New posts

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After all of about 15 minutes of torrential rain yesterday (Sunday), we noticed that several of my mother’s neighbor’s branches broke, and the roads were a mess with debris. "Thank goodness that’s not our house!", I told Sebastian on the way home from my mother’s house.

Tree_ini_roofLow and behold, we drive up to our house and what do you know?  Two large trees in our front yard are split in half (about half way up) and one of the large branches, about 12 inches in diameter, is penetrating the roof
above our living room. The branch is practically at a 90 degree angle as if it fell from the sky and found a comfy spot in our house.

I walked around the yard in amazement, with Madelyn on my hip and Sebastian on the brink of a mental breakdown because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Meanwhile, I was trying to keep my cool so as to not upset the kids. Of course Madelyn was oblivious to the mess and my stir of emotions. I am grateful because I know the damage could be so much worse and we weren’t home when it happened.Tree2

What a night. Despite all the drama, last night was the first night in Madelyn’s 14 months that she slept in her crib, in her own room, all night!  Yeah.


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