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Blankeaze – the kick proof, twist proof, wearable blanket

by Alicia on April 9, 2007 in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Baby & Kids Clothing, Bedtime

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Blankeaze_moms4life_2 I reviewed 2 Virtues’ Swadleaze swaddling blanket when Madelyn was a tiny baby and absolutely loved it.  I was recently sent a Blankeaze to review and love it even more!

Blankeaze is a wearable, twist proof, kick proof blanket. No more checking to see if the blanket is still covering Madelyn at night. YEAH!  The super soft fleece is flame resistant and makes for a very cozy sleep time. I put Madelyn’s pajama’s on and then her Blankeaze.  I haven’t found her curled up in the corner of her bed since she’s been wearing the Blankeaze at night.

You will notice in the photograph to the left that the legs have elastic ‘cufs’ near the bottom so the Blankeaze won’t ride up on baby while sleeping. I’ve never seen a mark on Madelyn’s legs from the elastic so it’s not too tight but just right.
In this photograph she is wearing the Blankeaze with the zipper in the back. At night though, I like to put the zipper in the front for easy diaper changing access. Yes, it goes both ways!  I wish I had a whole closet full of Blankeaze for Madelyn. They are truly one of those things that I use all of the time and will continue using until she can’t fit in them anymore.

Available in blue and pink, these make a great baby shower gift. The Blankeaze is available in sizes 6 months to 3T.

Where to buy: Moms 4 Life

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steven davies August 9, 2007 at 9:31 am

Your baby is so cute.Parents always search for the best supplies for their babies and that is normal.And we found what we’ve searched for:)


Paula April 10, 2007 at 7:34 pm

I am so glad to see this product! We have a couple of wearable kiddopotomus blankets in the largest size I could find, but my one year old is almost too long for them and I didn’t think there was anything else out there that came in larger sizes. Will definitely be checking these out! Also love that you can put the zipper in the back!


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