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Baby Meets Family – Personalized baby video

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BabymeetsfamilyI know you don’t like to put your baby or child in front of the TV while you clean the kitchen but sometimes it has to be done. Now your baby/child can have a positive, educational entertainment experience while in the TV zone.

Baby Meets Family DVD’s include up to ten photographs that the parent submits. Each photograph is displayed several times throughout the show. The show itself is very cute and keeps Madelyn’s attention unlike regular TV shows.  Now that Madelyn is old enough to recognize me and Tim (daddy) she ‘gets it’ enough to wave at the TV. It’s so cute! 

Baby Meets Family videos are a great tool to use when leaving your child with a babysitter or nanny. 

The video itself is fun to watch. Even Sebastian, who is seven, enjoys watching it!  The video features toys, puppets, and animal scenes, that are soothing, easy to follow, and colorful.

You can watch a demo on the Baby Meets Family website.

Don’t forget to buy extra copies for the Grandparents!

Where to buy: Baby Meets Family

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