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I remember the days when I would get all the sheets out of the hall closet, throw them over random pieces of furniture I gathered from several rooms and slid in for hours. That was special time for me. I would read my Judy Bloom books, my Barbie magazine (yes, I read Barbie) and do puzzles. Those are fond memories. BUT, I absolutely hated having to make my own fort. I would ask my sister for help, but if she wasn’t in the fort making mood, I sure didn’t get help.

Now, kids don’t have to ask for help. Your child(ren) can have a permanent Tee Pee in your home. No more, MOMMY, WILL YOU HELP ME BUILD A FORT? while you are fixing dinner or folding the laundry. YEAH!! 

Tee Pee for me was founded my two Georgia moms with safety, quality, and beauty of design top on their minds. 

Tee Pee for me tee pee’s:

  • install in just seconds. You literally slide the tee pee out of the packaging, pull apart the polls and the tee pee is up!
  • are made of high quality, beautiful fabric
  • come in patterns for boys, girls as well as nuetral patterns
  • are very spacious on the inside
  • are lightweight
  • easily fit into the back of a minivan so kids can take it to Grandma’s!

I love the tee pee that we have. The fabric is a Wild West Red theme and is perfect for little boys and girls I think.

Sebastian (7 years old) can easily fit in his tee pee as well as 2 of his friends. They play games, read books and Sebastian can even stretch out completely and relax in his tee pee.

Where to buy: Tee Pee for Me

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