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Personalized Sterling Silver Jewelry

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As if we don’t get enough of our kids 24/7, we need to wear their names on our jewelry?  YES, we do!!

Alli’s Originals gives moms a way to show off their "momminess" on beautiful sterling silver pieces that are customized with your childs name, initials or a symbol. You choose.  Alli offers several designs including the "Wear your heart out" (left) that I love! I have Sebastian printed on one side (my son) and Madelyn printed on the other (my daughter).

This is a great gift for new moms. You can have baby’s name printed on one side and her birth date on the other.

Also available are personalized bracelets, gifts for teachers, pet ID tags, and a la carte ‘disks’ to add to your Alli’s Originals piece.

What a great idea!

Where to buy: Alli’s Originals

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