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Lullabub crib rocker

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The Lullabub is a remote controlled, automatic crib rocker for babies.. and their parents. No, you can’t get in the crib with your baby but you will get more rest and more done in general when you have a Lullabub.

The “Lullabub” consists of four décor designed modules, which are simply placed under each leg of a cot.

The Lullabub simulates four relaxing motions including the mother’s womb, mother’s heartbeat, drive in the car, or a boat on the water. Each motion is very soothing. When I put Madelyn’s Lullabub on the "car" setting and cover her with her blanket, she rolls her eyes in the back of her head and lulls off to sleep.

Tim, my husband, loves the Lullabub as much as I do for reasons that I wouldn’t have thought of… the Lullabub raises the height of the crib just enough to make it easier to reach baby without bending over if you are on the taller side. We both love the remote control activation which makes it easy for us to start the Lullabub when Madelyn gets fussy without her seeing us. The remote control can be attached to the wall for easy access.

I was amazed at how easy the Lullabub was to install. We have a standard American crib for Madelyn and all I had to do was hold the crib up, one side at a time, so I could place each Lullabub piece under a leg.

Our Nanny was thrilled when she gently leaned on the crib one day and it rocked! Not only does the Lullabub have pre-set automatic settings but you can rock it yourself with the touch of a finger. Madelyn loves it when we rock her in her crib!

The Lullabub uses a standard outlet and the remote control uses AA batteries.

Besides all of the above great features of the Lullabub.. I LOVE the fact that it doesn’t make ANY noise! Really!!

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