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It never fails… when my husband takes care of Madelyn (now 5 months), as soon as she starts to cry he tries to hand her to me and says "she’s hungry". That’s not always the case, and now I can tell him to go look in the Baby Daze book so he can find out when she ate last and when she slept last before he comes to me!  I love the Baby Daze book. It has actually helped out marriage because I don’t roll my eyes at my husband anymore when he tries to hand Madelyn off to me thinking that she is hungry or tired when she’s not! Now he knows! Anything that helps new parents helps a marriage!

New parents can keep track of their baby’s feeding times, sleep, doctor’s apointments, milestones, gifts baby has received, foods tried, contact information, and mom can even keep track of when she pumps, how much and how she stored it.

Baby Daze was created by a mother and father team, one a professional organizer and the other is the founder of They have a beautiful daughter who was the insipiration behind Baby Daze.

I highly recommend that new parents purchase Baby Daze as early as possible and this is a great baby shower gift!

Where to buy: Baby Daze

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