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Coco Bebe vintage inspired blanket

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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Coco Bebe offers vintage inspired and whimsical, super soft blankets, "bum" pads (changing pads) and diaper bags.

These blankets are the perfect size to use as a stroller blankie or to use on the floor for play time and the chenille backing is wonderfully soft against baby’s skin.

Here is a photograph of Madelyn "lecturing" the boys while laying on her Coco Bebe "pink dandelions" blanket.

The "bum pads" are awesome!! I love putting Madelyn on something so soft while I am changing her diaper.

Coco Bebe has designed their pieces with real moms in mind! They are machine washable and can also be dried.

Where to buy: Coco Bebe

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