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Dragontail Baby – Baby Girl Gowns

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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If you are looking for the most adorable gown for your baby girl or a friend’s baby, I have found it!  Dragon Tail Baby’s baby clothes are made from only the most comfortable, baby friendly fabrics and you can definitely tell once you have touched one of their pieces.

I received this gown for Madelyn and unlike other gowns I have tried on her, this one actually fit well. I don’t know if you have tried many gowns on your babies, but I have and I have noticed that most gowns have a "neck issue".. Most gowns that I have tried would fall off of Madelyns neck and onto her shoulders.  This baby gown from Dragon Tail Baby fits well and just looks so comfy and cute! I recommend Dragon Tail Baby’s gowns to you and anyone you know with a baby.

Madelyn also has this gown (right) from Dragon Tail Baby that I call her "ball gown"!  This gown is exquisitely made and has a princess look to it, I think. 

Dragton Tail Baby designs are inspired by aesthetics and symbols from Asia.
Dragon Tail Baby cares a great deal about comfort and function. At Dragon Tail Baby, they take advantage of modern techniques to make their clothes very comfortable. You will see this in their use of "no-itch" or "tag less" labels, for example.

Where to buy: Dragton Tail Baby

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