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Grow Little Garden Collection

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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The  "Grow  Little Garden"  collection from Elegant Baby is extraordinary.

What’s included:

  • Bib & burp cloth set
  • hooded towel & washcloth
  • fashion set
    which includes hat,pant, short-sleeve tee and socks
  • gift set which
    includes photo frame, photo album & canvas bag
  • receiving
  • photo frame
  • piggy bank and
  • brag book gift set in a photo box.

The quality of the fabrics used in amazing. The clothing, bib, burp cloth, blanket and hat are especially comfortable for your newborns soft skin.

The collection comes with decorative items including a piggy bank, photo album, and frame for the nursery.

Elegant Baby also features a "Choo Choo", and "Sweat Pea" collection for boys as well as what I think is a "no gender" collection called "Quack Quack".

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Where to buy: Elegant Baby

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