Sponsor a giveaway contest

The Mommy Insider loves to team up with small business owners as well as well-known brands to offer contests to our readers. To participate as one of several sponsors your business must donate no less than $50 worth of product. To participate as an exclusive The Mommy Insider giveaway contest sponsor, you must donate a minimum of $300 worth of product.

  • Participating in a The Mommy Insider giveaway does not include an editorial review, shop listing, or sponsored link.
  • One non-returnable product sample must be mailed to The Mommy Insider for review in order to be approved for a giveaway.
  • Your participation in a giveaway on The Mommy Insider is not considered editorial and does not exclude other companies in your industry from participating in a giveaway at any time.
  • Participation in a giveaway grants The Mommy Insider indefinite use of your company logo and product photo on TheMommyInsider.com and by providing your company logo and product photos for use on TheMommyInsider.com you state you have the right to do so.
  • Our contests are mentioned in our email newsletters and promoted throughout the Internet.

This is not the place to submit a giveaway that you are hosting on your own blog or website.