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ZulaWorld.com, an online virtual destination for kids ages 5+

ZulaWorld, a fun and educational online virtual world for kids ages 5 and up, is based on the PBS show The Zula Patrol.  In Zula World’s virtual world, kids can create their own avatar, fly their own spaceship, and discover for themselves that when it comes to science, exploring is never boring. Sebastian has found that there are endless possibilities when in Zula World and enjoys playing the games to earn Zlinkles to by stuff for his spaceship and pet Fweeble for example. Players can see other players and ask them pre-written questions such as “Want to play a game?”.  All ‘talking’ between members is via pre-written phrases so your kids are not at risk of reading anything inappropriate.

In ZulaWorld™, a user’s experience is full of discoveries and play that encourage and reward scientific thinking. They will play games, go on quests, and be assigned missions that reinforce and foster the development of their science, math, and critical thinking skills!

ZulaWorld - online website for kids ages 5+

VIP Membership – As a Premium “Galactic” Member of ZulaWorld, you can:

  • Create, accept and send Secret Handshakes to your friends
  • Visit your friends inside their Spaceships
  • Buy Premium items for your Alien and your Spaceship
  • Fly your Spaceship to other worlds
  • Buy a lot for your Spaceship in one of Zula’s Neighborhoods
  • Wake up your Fweeeb from hibernation
  • Play advanced games
  • Accept and complete “missions

As a free member of ZulaWorld, you can:

  • Create an Alien
  • Build your own Spaceship
  • Get your own communicator and stay in touch with your friends
  • Accept Secret Handshakes from your friends
  • Have Pet Fweebs to take care of
  • Play entry level games and quests to earn Zlinkles(Ż)
  • Buy upgrades to your spaceship (Sebastian has a moon patterned spaceship)

ZulaWorld - online game for kids ages 5+

Learn more about and join ZulaWorld here.

We are giving away a VIP Membership to ZulaWorld.com to a lucky reader!  To enter, leave a comment below telling us why you want to win and the age of your child.  Contest ends August 15th, 2009.