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Giveaway > Travel Diaper Clutch with wipes
Contest ends 12/10

Diaper Clutch giveawayGrabbing your somewhat cumbersome diaper bag as you leave the house can be a hassle – especially when you are just going out for a short time. For a limited time with the purchase of any Pampers Big Pack (48 ct or larger), you can receive a small, lightweight diaper clutch that is just big enough and especially designed to hold one diaper and wipes. It’s the perfect size for quick trips away from home.

Now through 12/11/09, when you shop at participating stores (see full listing of participating grocery stores at: PampersDiaperClutchPromotion.com), you can receive a FREE diaper clutch with your Pampers Big Pack (48 count or larger) purchase. Specially-marked packages of Pampers Big Pack Diapers will also include coupons worth up to $20 in savings on future purchases.

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Generation Baby Handy Sack

Generationbaby1This is such a great idea. Not only can I store diapers and wipes in the Generation Baby Handy Sack, but I can also use the handy sack as a make up sack, snack sack, bottle sack, and one use that I’m not sure they intended it to be for is a toy sack. When we go out to eat, I have to bring toys for both Madelyn and Sebastian. Between the two of them, they pack a lot!  I’ve been using my Generation Baby Handy Sack as a toy sack and no longer have toys cluttering my diaper bag. YEAH! 

Oh and we don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality with the Generation Baby Handy Sack. With several designs to choose from you will find one that fits your personality and style.

Generationbaby3There are so many uses for the Handy Sack that I recommend purchasing more than one.  Why more than one?  The clear front makes it easy to see what’s inside the Handy Sack which is invaluable to those of us carrying a huge diaper bag. Being able to see what’s inside means I spend less time searching for what I’m looking for and therefore get less stressed when I need to find something. I know that sounds dramatic but when I’m out and I need to find Madelyn’s pacifier, a particular toy, or snack it’s not always easy to stop in my tracks and dig through my diaper bag.

Where to buy: Generation Baby

Skip Hop Toolbox – a mommy must have

Good1_2What do parents need/use every day or pretty often?  Diapers, wipes, diaper cream, socks, thermometer, baby lotion, and the list goes on. That list is some of what is easily stored in the SKIP HOP Toolbox.  When we hired our nanny, I think she was confused as to why we don’t have one  place in the house where we change Madelyn’s diapers.  I explained to her that because our house is multi leveled and it’s not always convenient to  go upstairs or down stairs when Madelyn needs changing, we just have diapers and wipes scattered through out the house.   I was absolutely thrilled when I received the SKIP HOP Toolbox for review.  I filled the Toolbox up right away and have to say that I am very impressed with the amount of ‘stuff’ the Toolbox holds.

What is most valuable to me about the Toolbox is that I no longer have to search the bathroom cabinets, and drawers, and closets for Tylenol, nail clippers and other things that we don’t use everyday but often enough. These items are now stored in our SKIP HOP Toolbox.

This is a great gift for a baby shower or new mom. The SKIP HOP Toolbox is available in three colors, is very durable, and wipes clean with a cloth.

I found that if I stack several diapers on one side of the caddy then I can fit a full size diaper wipe box on the other side!  This is a mommy must have!


  • Holds up to 12 diapers.
  • Two drawers on the bottom that pull both ways for extra storage.
  • Two detachable side pockets.
  • Handle for easy carrying.

Where to buy: SKIP HOP