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UPPAbaby Bubble

UppababybubbleHow many times have you had to take your baby out of the car in her car seat and run through the rain with just the car seat sun shield covering her?  I have gone through that more than a couple of times. When Madelyn was still in her infant car seat, I tried to have a blanket in the car at all times for just that situation.

Now there is a product especially for infant car seats that protects baby from the elements. It is called the Bubble.  When I first saw this product I thought it must be a pain to put it on when you need it and take it off when you don’t.  I learned though, that the Bubble can stay on the infant car seat!  The seat base is not inside the Bubble nor is the infant car seat handle. How neat is that?

Protect your baby from all kinds of weather on-the-go:The UPPAbaby Bubble fits easily over most infant car seats to protect
against sun, rain, wind and bugs. Whether you’re out
a stroll or traveling,  the Bubble is your complete solution to car seat protection from the elements.


  • Fold out sun protection layer- SPF 50+
  • Fold out wind/rain protection layer
  • Zip open insect protection layer
  • Universal fit compatible with most infant car seats
  • Pop-open action, no assembly required
  • Lightweight and easy to fit, folds into handy travel bag

Click here to visit the UPPAbaby website where you will find a list of online and local retailers that sell UPPAbaby products.