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Disney Playmation Wearable Tech Toys

Are Disney’s Playmation Wearable Tech Toys Arriving In Time For Summer Break Fun?

Kids are out of school in many areas of the country and parents are becoming increasingly worried that their child’s summer is going to be full of couch-sitting, video game playing, snack eating, laziness.  Maybe that’s just me.  It’s a good thing I came up with a list of 24 things Madelyn can do while I’m working yesterday!  I’ll show you the list in another post.  🙂

Disney recently announced a groundbreaking system of toys and wearables that use smart technology to inspire kids to run around and use their imaginations.  Sounds unreal, doesn’t it?   I guess the future is happening, now!  Who would have thought that our kids could use technology AND their imaginations.. in one foul swoop?  Thank you Disney and  Hasbro!

Disney Playmation Wearable Tech Toys

Playmation is the next step in the evolution of play, where digital gets physical and imagination becomes real. The groundbreaking system of toys and wearables uses smart technology to inspire kids to run around and use their imaginations, as they become the hero or heroine of stories from across The Walt Disney Company. Playmation Marvel’s Avengers is the first of a series of systems in development, including Star Wars and Frozen. In Playmation Marvel’s Avengers, strap the high-tech Repulsor Gear onto your arm and join the Avengers in their fight to save Earth! As an Avenger recruit, your on-board intelligence JARVIS will guide you from your Gear as you accept missions from the Avengers and battle in exotic locations around the universe to save our planet—all from the comfort of your own home.

Watch the trailer to see Playmation in action!

As you can see in the video above, the new line of toys, in partnership with Hasbro, are a cross between computers and costumes.  Iron Man gloves and Hulk fists based on Disney’s Marvel superhero brand are two of the first examples shown.

Playmation uses technology regularly used by kids; smart toys, wearables, wireless technology, motion sensors, and more—to create a unique experience in which toys interact not only with the kids who play with them, but with each other. Along with the system’s companion app, the toys in Playmation reinvent “old school” play for the digital generation—allowing kids to become part of the story in real life.

Playmation is not a video game.   Disney touts Playmation as an entirely new category of play.  Users will go through familiar gameplay experiences of leveling up, earning points and completing missions.   Disney says there is a companion app, but Playmation is not meant to be played in front of a screen.  Instead, the user becomes part of the story in real life–running around and using their imagination to complete missions and go on exciting adventures.

Internet access may be required to download companion apps for some Playmation toys, but will not be required for gameplay.   Playmation toys create their own inter-connected network to communicate and interact with each other without requiring an Internet or WiFi network or connection, so you can play anywhere.


The Playmation Marvel’s Avengers “Starter Pack” will include 1 piece of Avenger “Gear” (Repulsor), 2 Power Activators and 2 “Smart Figures” – a Super Hero (Captain America) and Villain (Iron Skull). Additional items will be sold separately. You can use the AvengersNet app to register your Gear, get updates, see progress, customize your Gear, and even get additional missions for all new play. Check Disney Playmation soon for more information on product details, retail availability, and how to pre-order!

Playmation will bring more of your kids favorite stories to life soon.  Playmation Star Wars is currently slated for release in 2016, and a Disney Frozen system is currently in development.

Playmation is described as being best for children 6+.

Playmation Marvel’s Avengers will be available at Disney Stores, disneystore.com and mass retailers nationwide (US and Canada) this October. Check Disney Playmation for more information on retail availability and how to pre-order!

BJ’s 2011 Toy Catalog Gives Parents Great Gift Ideas and Great Prices!

Fisher-Price Doodle Bear available at BJ's Wholesale ClubI have to admit that I’m struggling a bit with buying Christmas gifts for the kids this year.  My kids are 12 and 5.  My 5 year old has all the toys she could possibly need because we kept most of our 12 year old’s cool toys and handed them down to her.  My 12 year old just doesn’t need anything.  He doesn’t really play with toys anymore.  He’s into writing, camping, outdoors, stuff like that.  Hard to buy for is what he is!


After browsing through BJ’s 2011 Toy Catalog though, I found a few things that I know he would love including a Star Wars LEGO set and a mini basketball hoop for his room.  It’s catalogs like this that make it so that my kids actually get gifts!

My daughter has been asking for a Doodle Bear for about two months so when I saw a Doodle Bear in the BJ’s 2011 Toy Catalog I knew that’s what I had to request for her.  BJ’s sent her a Fisher-Price Doodle Bear and she was beyond thrilled.  The Doodle Bear set includes washable scented markers, 3 stampers, a 3-shape stencil, and a DVD.

Watch as my daughter plays with her Doodle Bear for the first time:



You’ll find something for everyone on your list in the BJ’s 2011 Toy Catalog.

If you are not already a BJ’s member, you can get a FREE 60-Day Trial Membership now.  Now is the perfect time to check it out with all of the great holiday deals going on!

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the Fisher-Price Doodle Bear free from BJ’s for the purpose of this review. Opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way.

Alicia Hagan, Editor

From a Blog Buddy: Top 10 Passive Aggressive Presents for Parents

Do you know a parent who drives you up the wall? Check out these 10 hilarious passive-aggressive gifts for parents who annoy you. (Maybe they’ll get the hint.)

Baby showers, holidays, and birthdays offer up prime opportunities to give gifts that keep on giving… in the form of loud noises, ridiculous messes, and feelings of confusion and bewilderment from the poor unsuspecting parents. We’ve all received them – those presents that seem to say “I love you” while subtly communicating otherwise. The kind of gifts that make children swoon with joy, and make their parents say “gee, thanks.”

My favorite and also least favorite (if that makes sense at all) on the list is #1. You’ll see when you click the link to go to the original post. Hint: woof woof!

The one thing on the list that I don’t find all that annoying is Moon Sand. My kids love Moon Sand, it keeps them occupied for hours and I just vacum it up when they’re done playing with it.

Link: 10 hilarious passive-aggressive gifts for parents who annoy you

Alicia Hagan, Mom Blog editor

Product Review: Little Tikes Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading Pool

Little Tikes Butterfly Beach SandboxIt’s imperative that moms relax and it’s nearly impossible for a mom to have alone time.   For me, sitting outside, even with the kids, is the next best thing to having alone time.  I am usually trying to relax when I’m sitting outside, so it’s important that the kids have something to do so they will leave me alone for a few minutes (right!?).
After much trial and error, I concluded that sand is just about the coolest outdoor toy ever.  So, now I have a sandbox on both porches.  On the front porch I have a shallow, wide plastic storage bin (the kind you put under a bed to store stuff in) filled with sand while the back porch, the one I sit on more often, has the more aesthetically pleasing Little Tikes Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading Pool.

The Little Tikes Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading Pool entertains both of my kids, 9 and 3,.. at the same time! Imagine that!
The butterfly’s wings unfold with one wing becoming the pool and the other wing is the sandbox.   It sounds like magic, but it’s not.  The sunshade pops into the butterfly’s back and provides great protection from the sun.  I absolutely LOVE having the sunshade.  When Madelyn is playing in the front porch sandbox (the make-shift storage bin sandbox) I have to move it as the sun shines down on the porch which is a pain because sand isn’t light!  When the kids are done playing in the Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading Pool, the emptied pool side folds over the sand side doubling as a secure lid. The Little Tikes Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading Pool is great for kids ages 2 and up and holds enough water and sand to occupy my 9 year old for a while.

The Little Tikes Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading Pool is sold at Amazon.com for about $45.

1 lucky subscriber will win a
Little Tikes Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading Pool!  Stay tuned and subscribe to learn how to enter starting April 1st.

Review of Joobles – the cutest little animals, from FairIndigo.com

 Joobles from FairIndigo.comThese are the cutest little animals!  

I recently got Bella, a huggable little bunny with lots of personality, to review and think moms are going to want to keep these to themselves.  Don't kid yourself.. you're going to be jealous of your kids if you don't buy a Jooble for yourself.  I am a huge snuggler and always have something in my arms at night.  I found my new favorite!

Joobles are made of 100% soft organic yarns and eco-friendly dyes and are about 11 inches tall making them super snuggly and perfect for little hands to hold.

Joobles are very special in that they are made fairly in Peru under fair trade conditions which is a rapidly gJoobles from FairIndigo.com
rowing movement dedicated to paying workers fair wages rather than minimum ones and to providing workers with a safe and healthy working environment.

Joobles are GREAT stocking stuffers!

Price: $29.99

Where to buy: FairIndigo.com

Win a Jooble of your very own!
Go to the Fair Indigo website and click on the Meet the Joobles link, choose your favorite Jooble, AND then click on the About Fair Trade link in the top right area of the site.  Then come back here and tell me which is your favorite Jooble and something you learned about Fair Trade, in the comments box belowOr blog about this post and send me the link and you will be entered to win the Jooble of your choice.
I just learned that they are out of Icy the Penguin and Jiffy the Giraffe so be sure to choose an available Jooble.

View more photographs of the kids with their Jooble, Bella the Bunny.