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Start a Blog Series > Part 2: Blog Writing and Time Management

This is the second in a series of posts I’ll be featuring about blogging and social media here on TheMommyInsider.com.  Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to my RSS feed to be notified when the next post in the series is added.

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A lot of people (moms and dads specifically!) want to be able to publish their own masterpieces. The Internet serves as a great avenue to do just that.  Through blogging, anyone can write about what inspires them whether it’s their kids, their job, volunteering, a hobby, travels, products, or services. I’ve learned in the last 10 years I’ve worked online, that to be successful in blogging, you must manage your time well.  Managing your time is even more important than being able to write well, in my opinion.

Here are several time management tips to consider when starting your blog.

Plan your Posts

If you are maintaining a niche blog, it is highly necessary to schedule your blog posts unless you have a sort of breaking news content. Planning or scheduling your posts gives you enough time to research and consolidate ideas.

File your Ideas

Whenever something pops in your head, write it down and if possible, record an audio blog. This way, impromptu ideas will not be wasted as you may forget them later in the day. Incorporate your filed ideas with your blog post plan.

Write Several Blog Posts at a Time

All writers would agree that there are days when you cannot just force yourself to write. Thus, when you have the urge and time to write, take advantage of it and write several blog posts that follow your blog schedule.

Set Perfectionism Aside

It is true that you must always strive to provide quality content. However, it would be best to let go of minor grammatical and typo errors especially if you are running out of time. After all, blogs take its appeal from its ‘home-made’ feel.
Blogging will only prove to be time-consuming if you fail to manage your time well. This is especially true for parents, full-time employees and those who have something else to attend to aside from blogging.
Try following the tips above and I think you’ll find that blogging is very rewarding and fun!
This is part 2 in my Start a Blog series.
Read part 1: Want to Start a Blog? Here are Five Things to Think About When Starting a Blog.
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