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Things I Use Every Day and Would Prefer Not To Live Without – From Medication to Towels and In-Between

There are about two dozen products that I use every day that I would prefer not to live without.  Most of these products I’ve used for at least one year and am very happy with.  After reading this list you will know pretty much everything there is to know about me.  I cover everything from what towel I use to medication in my list.  If you want to see how much I’ve changed (or not) take a look at my Things We Use Every Day post from 2009, click here.

Things I use everyday

Favorite Work and Technology Products I Use Every Day:

  • iPad (1st genration) – I use my iPad for checking email when I’m away from the laptop, I play games on it, use to-do apps, entertain the kids, watch ABC shows, and Netflix movies.
  • MacBook Pro 17″ (about a year old) – This has changed my work life.  Speedy, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing.. can’t be that!
  • Apple Magic Mouse – Just bought a new one after I dropped my old one.  Thought I could do without but the Magic Mouse is really magic.. can’t work without it.
  • iPhone 4 – My iPhone is an extension of me.  I use it to make calls (duh), read news, check emails, play Words with Friends, and chat with family using FaceTime.
  • Acoustic Research iPad/iPod/iPhone Dock – This amazing device stays in our kitchen so we can listen to the radio, iPod, or watch TV or video podcasts while I’m cooking or working.
  • Cross Ballpoint Pen – I’ve been using Cross pens for years.  They write very smooth and last a long time.
  • Clamcase iPad Case and Keyboard – I’ve been using my Clamcase keyboard case for about a month now and can’t imagine using my iPad without it now.

Health and Beauty Products I Use Every Day:

  • Ambien – Don’t sleep well (or at all) without it.  Hard habit to break but that’s life.
  • Gold-n-Hot Smart Heat Blow Dryer – Dries my thick, medium length hair quickly and leaves it shiny
  • Heating Pad – Use it every night for back pain
  • Tori Burch sunglasses – Love the classic shape of these.  Unfortunately I can’t find my pair online anymore.
  • Mattress Giant Silver Dual Comfort Pillow – Has proven to be amazing for my neck and back.
  • iJoy Massage Chair – Have been using this for almost 10 years.  Would love to upgrade to a new massage chair but they’re a little expensive these days.
  • Skin Glow Cupron™ antimicrobial towel – LOVE this towel!  Super soft, love the color, and it’s antimicrobial.. don’t ask me what that means please.. but it sounds good. 🙂
  • Bobbie Brown foundation – Great coverage without an oily feel.
  • Aveeno Clear Complexion Face Moisturizer – Helps with the occasional breakout and oily skin
  • Lots of water
  • SolarOil Nail Conditioner – Helps my nails recover after removing OPI Axxium gels
  • Sharper Image Nature Sounds and iPod Clock – I’ve been using this for almost 5 years.  It’s not available to purchase anymore.
  • Pottery Barn Robe – Softest robe ever.  I’ve been using this robe for almost two years and it hasn’t lost its fluffiness yet!
  • HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Pillow – I take this with from room to room in my house and on trips.  This is a lifesaver for my neck and back.
  • Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask – Just started using this and love it. Fits nicely and is very soft.
Things I use every day

Organizational and Other Products I Use Every Day:

  • BCBGMAXAZRIA Femme Fatale Medium Satchel – purchased on Gilt.com, not available now.
  • BusyBodyBook Planner – I’ve used BBB planners for three years and couldn’t stay sane without it!
  • Baguu reusable bags – I use Baguu bags for everything.. groceries, quick trips to the mall, snacks for the car
  • Libman Dish Brush
  • 2011 Nissan Quest
  • Schlage Digital Deadbolt Door Lock

Sad but true.. I use these almost every day:

So these are some of the things that I use every day.
What do you use every day and can’t live without?  Tell me in the comments below!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post.  These are really my favorite things.  If you want to learn more about any of the products, click the link.  Some of the links will take you to the product page on Amazon.com from which I will get a small commission if you purchase that product.  Alternatively, you can Google the product name.
Alicia Hagan, Editor