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We met the cast of Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Lighting Thief!

My 10 year old is in shock! He just met the cast of Percy Jackson & the Olympians Lighting Thief.. Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson), Brandon T. Jackson (Grover Underwood), Alexandra Deddario (Annabeth Chase)!

We met the cast at Borders bookstore in Marietta, today where Logan, Brandon, and Alexandra answered questions from the crowd and signed autographs.

I’ve never heard such load screaming in my life. My 3 year old covered her ears and buried herself in her stroller during the screams. Girls were screaming “I love you Percy!”.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Lighting Thief opens in theaters February 12th and I’m sure theaters all over the country will be packed with enthuastic book readers. 

Way cool!

Are you going to be one of the first to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lighting Thief in theaters?


Are your kids reading the books?
Leave a comment below telling me why your child should win a copy of the The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2) and you’ll be entered to win the book!
Can’t wait?  Buy the book here: Amazon.com link for The Sea of Monsters book.

Entries accepted through February 12th.