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SanDisk iXpand iPhone & iPad Storage Device

Send Your Teen To School With SanDisk Memory From Best Buy

Best Buy disclaimerBest Buy is our go-to store when for electronics, gadgets, and peripherals which are about the only type of product I don’t prefer to shop online for.   I’m like a kid in a candy store at Best Buy.  Not too long ago Madelyn noticed I was stressed asked if I’d like to go to a fun place like Best Buy.    Whether it was because she wanted something from the store or she was really trying to help me didn’t come up because I said yes and we took off.

While we were there, among other fun and shiny gadgets, we saw a section of SanDisk products surrounded by parents with their school-age children. SD Cards, or some type of digital media storage device, are mandatory for most students these days.  My son uses an SD card to store and transfer research papers he writes on a school computer to an iPad to work on at home.

I use SanDisk’s iXpand, to store and move photos from my iPhone to my computer or iPad as well as to anyone else’s computer who might want the photos I’ve taken on my phone.   No more having to text or email 25+ photos!  The SanDisk iXpand is a long overdue, must-have storage and transfer device for iPhone and iPad enthusiasts!

For iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac: iXpand
SanDisk iXpand iPhone & iPad Storage Device

SanDisk products deliver industry-leading performance and reliability.   Whether you need memory for your professional-grade camera or a point-and-shoot SD card or microSD cards, you’ll find a SanDisk SD card or memory device that meets your needs.   SanDisk SD cards are also designed to meet the security, capacity, performance, and environmental requirements of next generation devices—because your stories span generations and your memory solutions should too.  Capture more fast action, record more 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video, AND Transfer speeds up to 60MB/s for smartphones, tablets and action cameras.

There is a difference in the way SD cards work.   Characteristics of an SD card include security of data on the card, photo quality, and transfer speed, off of which are things to consider when buying an SD card.

Best Buy helps customers find the right SanDisk memory storage with their SanDisk Brand Store Once you arrive at the Best Buy SanDisk Brand Store page, choose the type of device you need memory storage for on the left side of the screen.  Compatible memory storage devices for your device will load on the page.   When I chose ‘for mobile phones’ I was presented with microSD card options.


For Android Smartphones and Tablets: SanDisk microSD CardSanDisk MicroSD Card

Thin and light computing devices, tablets, and smartphones demand the compact form factors of SanDisk microSD cards.  My son started using a SanDisk microSD card when his tablet began running sluggishly.  He moved all his music and photos off his tablet onto a SanDisk microSD™ after learning that if he offloaded some of the music and photos to a storage device, his tablet would perform better.  His tablet starting running smoother instantly.   SanDisk microSD™ cards give your smartphone or tablet a more responsive camera function and smoother media playback.

Whether you want more storage for your phone or a card that makes it easy to shoot high-resolution video on the go, you can choose the way you want to add fast, reliable data storage with capacity options from 4GB to 200GB.

For Android Smartphones & Tablets: SanDisk Dual USB MicroUSB Flash Drive

SanDisk Dual USB MicroUSB Flash Drive


If you own an iPhone and iPad you’ll want to buy the SanDisk iXpand and if you own Android devices you’ll want a SanDisk Micro USB/USB 3.0 Flash Drive.   On one end of each of these devices is a lightning adapter or micro USB respectively.  The other end is where the standard USB is which you can insert into any standard USB port resulting in the transfer of photos and other files from device-to-device.

Visit the Best Buy website to learn which SanDisk memory card is right for you!



Asus MeMO Pad™ 7

How A 15-Year-Old Uses The Asus MeMO Pad™ 7 Intel Tablet For High School

Intel Tablet blogger

Asus MeMO Pad™ 7

The post below was, in most part, written by my 15 year old son Sebastian. He is a Freshman in high school and relies on gadgets to get his through the day starting with his iPhone alarm waking him at 6am, to taking notes in class on his Asus MeMO Pad™ 7 Intel Tablet, to checking and updating his Google calendar throughout the day, on the same tablet and his iPhone. Why don’t I let you read how he uses the Asus MeMO Pad™ 7 Intel Tablet to get him through his school day?  Meanwhile, stay tuned for a post, from me, about how I am using this Intel Tablet to prepare for Thanksgiving just like I did for Halloween!

I have had the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176CX-A1-BK 7-Inch Tablet (Black)
for a month and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I’m a freshman in high school and am in the Magnet program so I constantly have to write anything from a short essay to even 20 page research papers.  Most of the time I can’t just sit down at a computer and type for more than a hour at most which can pose a issue when I need to write a research paper.   Now that I have the Asus MeMO Pad 7 I am able to write any kind of paper whenever and wherever I am. My school issues every Magnet student a Gmail account to use for communicating with the teachers and other students so I take advantage of that on my MeMO Pad.  One of the first apps I opened on the tablet is the Google Drive application which allows me to write anywhere on WiFi or not then share it with a friend or teacher later, when I have wifi access.   I have written a 6-7 page paper on the tablet and I am writing this review on it. 😉

Along with using Google Drive I also use Google Hangouts when I need to ask a friend for help, help a friend, or work on a group project. Video calling a classmate from the Asus MeMO Pad 7 is easy since the tablet has a forward and rear facing camera.  The almost nonexistent weight makes the MeMo pad easy to hold during our long calls. The tablet weighs only 10 ounces it is no problem to carry it with you anywhere.  It will even fit in the pocket of cargo pants!

Asus MeMO Pad™ 7

Since I have some problems with staying organized I have a page on my Asus MeMo Pad™ 7 devoted to school and organization.  On that page I have a few applications including SuperNote, SuperNote memos, Google calendar, Edmodo, EasyBib, Quizlet, and Google Hangouts.  These apps have helped me stay organized, study, and write papers. On this page I am also able to put bookmark icons for specific websites that I need quick access to such as my school’s website.  So, icons on a page on your Asus MeMO Pad 7, are not limited to app icons!

The Asus MeMO Pad 7 comes in a variety of colors including red, yellow, and black. You can also buy a variety of cases as well as Bluetooth keyboards, the latter of which helps tremendously when you have to write a 5-page essay; speaking from experience. 🙂

The Asus MeMO Pad 7 is 7 inches and weighs 10.4 ounces. This can eliminate the need for big computers and having to sit at a desk for hours to write a paper or do homework. I recommend this tablet to anyone from 8th grade all the way to the present of a huge company.

– Sebastian Hagan

I hope you enjoyed this review written by my son.  He is a gadget geek, like myself, and wanted to share with my readers how he, a high school student, actually uses the Asus MeMO Pad 7 every day!

How #Skype Can Make Your Life Easier – and – A Moms and Technology Infographic

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Skype Brand Ambassador - Mother's Day

Technology has changed the world we live in. Especially when it comes to being able to communicate and maintain relationships where geographical proximity is an issue. One of the leading tools in the evolution of technology is Skype.   I live hundreds of miles away from my Dad and sister but they see my kids regularly on the computer or iPhone.
In case you don’t already know what Skype is, it is a program that you download onto your computer, laptop, or mobile device, which gives you the ability to talk to, video chat with, and text chat with others who have  Skype.

A painful separation that often occurs for various life circumstances is the distance between grandparents and grandkids.  Often grandparent, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends don’t live as close to their loved ones as they would like, thus missing out on milestones such as a baby’s first step or a first homerun. But with technology the way it is today a connection is just one click away, and grandparents can be right there with their family at the ball park or in their grandchild’s home via a Skype video chat. Grandparents don’t have to miss their grandchild’s ball game because of proximity.  Skype video chat allow grandparents to cheer on a loved one.

I’ve been using Skype quite a bit the last couple of weeks and have learned how Skype can make life easier and help me reconnect with people in my life like never before.

Here are some unique ways Skype can make life easier (and more fun!):

Have a virtual tutor for your child via Skype during summer break

Earphones with Skype
Use earphones for a more private Skype conversation
Among the unique ways to use Skype also includes the ability to have a tutoring session or study time with someone who would otherwise not be around.
If your child needs to study math or has homework you just can’t help with, Skype with someone who can, for one on one attention. These tutoring sessions can be done from the comfort of your own home and you can save time and money while getting your child homework help or summer tutoring.

Use Skype while shopping – get advice on that fabulous dress or shoes while you’re at the mall

Take a best friend with you as you go shopping.  I have been known to send my sister a photo or two while I’m in the dressing room at the mall. She lives hundreds of miles away but I almost always get her advice on the dress I’m trying on or a pair of shoes I adore, before buying.

Here’s a tip: Have your child use earphones during the tutoring session so she can better concentrate on the conversation.  Earphones are also great to use while you’re at the mall trying on clothes for your sister via Skype and you don’t want the lady in the next dressing room to hear everything your sister is saying about your choice of clothes. 🙂

Skype is available to on many devices

Another wonderful feature of Skype is it’s accessibility.  Skype is able to run on PCs, mobile phones, android devices, iOS devices, iPhones and Mac computers. This means that wherever you are and whatever you want to share with a loved one, you can do it on your mobile phone.

Do you have important timely information that is best communicated face to face? Don’t regret not living close to your family, it’s a fact of life, just make sure you bring your iPhone and your family can be right their with you when you need them most.

There is no comparison to actually seeing the person you are talking to be it your grand parent or your parent. Skype brings someone who may be a world away into your living room via your Mac, PC, iPhone or Android device.

Skype allows users to catch up with mom who  you might not haven’t seen since the holidays. Skype makes all these things possible where they never were before, and it can help you connect with the world in a brand new way.

Here are some very interesting research findings around Moms and technology

Skype Moms and Technology
Skype Moms and Technology Infographic

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More about Skype:

Alicia Hagan, Editor

Disclaimer: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Skype. I received Skype credits to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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Baby video monitor

3 Must-Have Gadgets for New Moms

Technology can be a wonderful learning tool for your child – Not only can they learn, they can show off their creative abilities, play games, and have fun with the plethora of new games, apps, and accessories made especially for kids. Not only does Griffin put out great kid-friendly products for the iPad, but also includes great accessories for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Here are a few of my favorite Griffin iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch accessories.


3 Griffin iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Accessories for Kids

Technology can be a wonderful learning tool for your child – Not only can they learn, they can show off their creative abilities, play games, and have fun with the plethora of new games, apps, and accessories made especially for kids. Not only does Griffin put out great kid-friendly products for the iPad, but also includes great accessories for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Here are a few of my favorite Griffin iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch accessories.

5 Gadgets That Will Help Busy Moms

5 Gadgets that will Help Busy Moms

Next to her family, the most precious thing in a busy mom’s life is time. Devices that help moms organize their lives better and help them save time are indispensable. Below are five relatively inexpensive time-saving gadgets that every busy mom will love.


Alicia Hagan, Editor

The iPhone 4s, a Great Tool for Mom Bloggers

iPhone 4s for mom bloggersThis is an anonymous guest post but reflects my opinions exactly!

iPhone 4s reminders appAs a busy mom blogger I absolutely love my new iPhone 4s.  There is no way that I would be able to run my blog, get my kids to their activities and still have time for myself. Before I got the iPhone 4s, I was running around like a toddler on a sugar high, I was making unnecessary trips to the store as I would get there and realize my list was still on the table, or missed appointments as I wrote them down in different places. Being able to set up reminders has really made a difference in my life. I guess you have to admit to yourself first that you just might not be able to remember everything anymore, and make a quick reminder to yourself. If anything, there is a greater chance you will remember it if you make a reminder as you are subconsciously writing it again into your memory. My husband laughs at how many reminders I have, and my kids joke that I should set a reminder to remember to set up reminders. I let them laugh, but they are the ones who benefit when I don’t forget to pick up their favorite treats at the store, or when they forget their uniform at home, but due to one of my reminders I grabbed off the table for them. Then they love my reminders.

iPhone 4s Siri for mom bloggersI’m an Organized Mom & Blogger with the iPhone 4s

Since I got my iPhone 4s I have been able to organize not only my life, but my family and my blogging too. I thank Apple’s Siri entirely for this. With Siri, Apple’s voice activated personal assistant, I can change appointment times simply by speaking to Siri. I can also find addresses or even make reservations at my favorite restaurant all with a few simple voice commands. The best part of Siri is that I don’t have to use robotic commands for it to understand me, but rather I can almost carry on conversations with Siri. It is bad when I find myself talking to Siri because my kids no longer want to listen.

Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much, you’ll keep finding more and more ways to use it.

iPhone 4s increased speedI’m a Multitasking Mom & Blogger with the iPhone 4s

I love the fact that I am back in control of my life and able to manage my blog and my family at the same time. I am no longer ignoring one or the other. Perhaps more important than any of these is the fact that I am able to be flexible and take my blogging along on the road with me. I don’t mind sitting outside my daughter’s school waiting for her to get done with practice as I am able to do my research or reviews while sitting in the van. Do to the fact that the new iPhone 4s increased speed, I now can get a lot more done in a short time. It is sad how I no longer have the patience to “waste” 30 seconds while waiting for my kids to climb in the van, as now this is time to quick edit a blog I had just submitted. Life flies by at top speeds, I really needed a phone that could work as fast as I do. As a busy mom multitasking is a necessity and my iPhone 4s allows me the freedom and flexibility to do just that.

iPhone 4s camera for mom bloggersI’m a Photo Taking Pro with the iPhone 4s

One of my favorite features is the new camera as it makes my blog come to life. I am able to snap pictures of new products that I want to add to my blog, with a few simple swipes of my finger I can have it uploaded to my blog ready for my viewers in no time at all. I always have my iPhone 4s along so I can capture the memories as they are happening and don’t miss an opportunity to share my family’s adventures with my blogging family.


This is an anonymous guest post but reflects my opinions exactly!

Submit a guest post for consideration by emailing alicia @ themommyinsider.com.  Byline must be included in your email exactly as you would like for it to appear in your guest post.

Do you own an iPhone 4s? Are you a blogger? How has the iPhone 4s helped you or has it?  Please share your thoughts with us on the iPhone 4s and it’s contribution to your mom/blogging life in the comments below.  Thank you!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Alicia Hagan, Editor