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Buy used iPad on Gazelle

See how easy it is to sell your old iPhone for cash on Gazelle!

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I’ve owned iPhones since the first model was introduced.  Not because I was a fan of Apple products – I had never touched one before – but because it was the first phone that I knew of, that would allow me to check email, text without hitting a number three times to product the correct letter, etc..   Being aware of and wanting new technology and gadgets is in my DNA.  I naturally want the newest technology in my home, car, office, and hand.  When Gazelle launched several years ago, I jumped on the opportunity to sell my old iPhone in order to upgrade to the new iPhone without having to pay $200+ out of pocket at the AT&T or Apple store.   I quickly learned that the process of selling your iPhone, or other device, on Gazelle is fast and easy.  Simply select your device model, carrier, capacity, and the condition the iPhone or other device is in (be honest) and you’ll have a quote within a matter of seconds!

Below is a Gazelle quote for my current iPhone.

Gazelle iPhone 6 Plus quote

Surprisingly, I am not itching to upgrade to the iPhone 6S Plus – even though I could get $325 for it from Gazelle.   I am very happy with my iPhone 6 Plus.  I love the size.. I haven’t once regretted getting the 5.5″ smartphone even though I’m a petite-ish girl and it barely fits in my hand.  I appreciate that I can read the screen without squinting and I can type without hitting the wrong letters. 

If you want to sell your used iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, AppleTV or other device and get a fair, cash price for it, consider trading it in at Gazelle. All you need to do is select your gadget from a list of options on Gazelle’s “Trade-In” page, answer a few questions, and then Gazelle provides you with an offer for your device.

For items worth $1 or more, it’s free to ship your device to Gazelle. Once your trade-in is received, the device is inspected to make sure its condition matches your evaluation. If the device matches your description, Gazelle will pay you in the form of a check, an Amazon.com gift card, or via PayPal. Payment takes about a week once Gazelle receives your device.

Get cash for your iPhone!

Once you’ve received your payment, you should definitely peruse Gazelle’s extensive selection of certified pre-owned devices, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, iPads, and accessories. You’ll be able to get an upgraded device without paying a head-spinning price. 

Buy used iPad on GazelleYou should also check out Gazelle’s sale section.  Gazelle has dozens of items on sale for a great price!  For example, the iPad Mini 3 16GB WiFi is currently selling for $279 on Gazelle.  The best price I could find for the same model on retailer websites is $349 (with a $50 discount) at BestBuy.com and $399 from Target.com.  You may find refurbished iPads on retailer websites but used devices is what Gazelle specializes in they even have a 30-day risk-free return policy.

It’s important to note that Gazelle performs a 30+-point inspection on all their devices, so you can be confident that every feature of the device is tested and of the highest quality before you buy it. They also back up the quality of their Gazelle Certified device with a 30-day return policy. You can also keep your carrier or switch to a knew one because Gazelle Certified also means no contracts or strings attached

Now that the new iPhone is here, you should consider trading-in your old iPhone to offset the cost of a new one. Or, buy a certified pre-owned iPhone 6 at a lower cost than the new! 

Gift Guide: 4 Wireless Speakers Great For Families

Chances are, there are at least 4 devices in your home that are used to play music.   My son walks around with earphones in his pocket 24/7.  I guess he doesn’t walk in his sleep, that I know of at least, but he sleeps with his earphones too.  I’m not a big fan of sleeping with earphones or having earphones in ears hour after hour.  That’s where wireless speakers come in handy.

Wireless (aka Bluetooth speakers) speakers are great for households in which there are iOS and Android devices.

Wireless speakers work with nearly all smartphones and tablets.  In my opinion, it would be idea to get the kids a wireless speaker as well as one for yourself.  You never know where the kid’s speaker is going to end up, right?

Most Bluetooth speakers are designed with rechargeable batteries, so they can be moved from room to room with ease.  When the battery charge is low, simply connect it to your computer or other charger.

Some wireless speakers such as the DECK speaker (#1 in the photo below), allow multiple devices to connect giving everyone in your home or at a party, the chance to play DJ for a while.

If you ask me, it’s time to go wireless.

Here are 4 wireless (bluetooth) speakers that will make a great gift this holiday season!

Gift Guide: Wireless Speakers


1 – DECK Wireless Speaker  – $199

2 – Sound Spot Compact Speaker – $69

3 – BeatBlock- Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – On sale for $89 from $149 now at Amazon.com

4 – Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – $299


Is there something that you’d like me to help you find for your holiday wish list?  Let me know in the comments below or email me at alicia @ themommyinsider.com and I’ll do my best to find whatever it is that your child (or you) are asking for holiday season.