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UV Protectant Swim & Play Wear

Sunsmart_both1Did you know that a bad sun burn before the age of 10 can give you up to a 50% chance of getting skin cancer as an adult?  I didn’t. That is a really scarry thought. I am glad Sebastian and Madelyn have UV Protectant swim/play wear from SunSmart.ca.

SunSmart has come up with a great, fun way for kids to have fun in the sun and parents don’t have to worry about their skin suffering the damaging effects of UV rays.

SunSmart’s swim and play wear not only protects your child from damaging UV rays, they are also fun to wear!  Both Sebastian and Sunsmart2Madelyn wore their SunSmart outfits for one full day (Sebastian actually slept in his!) and had a blast wearing them. Quit honestly, I was amazed that Madelyn didn’t pull at the fabric around her neck as it comes up higher than her usual clothing does which provides great UV protection on her delicate skin. Madelyn waltzed around the house and yard all day with no complaints.

Sebastian absolutely LOVES his SunSmart outfit. On more than one occasion, he commented on how comfortable the outfit is and that he was going to wear it forever. That could get a little smelly.

Although Madelyn can’t really appreciate the super hero design on the outfits, Sebastian sure did. At seven years old, he is all about super hero’s.  He was thrilled that he is Superman and Madelyn is Supergirl. How cute!

With sizes for babies all the way up to teens, kids of all ages can now be protected from the sun in fashion!

Where to buy: SunSmart.ca