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Chipoupine Teddy Sweater review + a giveaway

Why Madelyn (3 years old) loves it

Similar to Madelyn’s favorite 3 year old blankie warmly regarding as Fuzzy, her new Chipoupine sweater is ultimately plush and comfy. She would wear it 24/7 if she could.
It’s like she’s wearing her blankie. This sweater will keep her warm in the coldest Atlanta weather.

Chipoupine fuzzy sweater

Ultimate Comfort

This sweater fuzzy inside and out. The stylish lining inside the neck area and arm cuffs adds to its whimsical Bjork’ish’ design. Not only do I love the big green dot on the sweater but my 10 year old loves it to and treats it like a great excuse for a Nerf target and chases Madelyn around house shooting at her. Don’t worry, he shoots the super light darts at her and isn’t allowed to get her from shoulders up. The over-sized arms are nice as they cover her arms well and keep them very warm. The 100% microfibre fabric lets Madelyn’s skin breathe.


Madelyn is wearing the Sweater teddy turquoise. The low v-neck design is nice because like me Madelyn isn’t fond of high necks. For me it’s a claustrophobia thing.. not sure about her dislike for high necks though. Maybe it’s a toddler thing like socks with seams.. she doesn’t tolerate them at all.

Visit Chipoupine.com to see all of their kids clothing line.


Chipoupine is giving a lucky The Mommy Insider reader their choice of “Teddy” sweater (color and size) or “Russia” sweater (color and size).
If you don’t see the entry form here, click here to open the contest entry form, to enter the Chipoupine Sweater Giveaway.