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JORD Fieldcrest Wood Watch

JORD Wood Watch: The Perfect Spring and Summer Accessory

I don’t know about you, but with the emergence of the first buds on the trees – finally, I am reminded of the arrival of spring and my thoughts turn to updating my wardrobe.  I may not be the most fashion conscious of women but after a long, cold winter filled with boots, sweaters, and pants, it is finally time to break out my favorite skirts, dresses, light blouses, and sandals.

JORD Fieldcrest Wood Watch

With each new season, I try make it a point to incorporate a new piece into my wardrobe, whether it be a piece of statement jewelry, a fun Spring scarf, or an eye-catching piece top.  The perfect accessory can pull an outfit together, breathing life into an otherwise drab ensemble, many of which mine are despite my sister being a fashion blogger.  Interesting isn’t it?   For me, this year’s go-to item is a real no brainer.  I updated my wardrobe with a JORD Fieldcrest wood watch.  For the eco-conscious woman (or man), a JORD watch, or two, is the perfect addition to their wardrobe.  The Fieldcrest has a case of 39mm and a thickness of 11mm, a great size for the average woman’s wrist.


JORD uses sustainably sourced wood from all corners of the globe.  Each unique band and face may contain one or multiple types of wood in line with the design and function of each individual watch.  Check out their current series of watches, which feature bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, zebrawood, and koa. And best of all, JORD will size your time peice for you upon purchase, ensuring that your watch is neither too loose nor too tight.

spacerIt can be extremely difficult to find a watch that accommodates the bountiful colors of spring and summer fashion. Yet the earthy, neutral tones of a JORD wood wristwatch more than meet the challenge of integrating an everyday item into a colorful Spring/Summer wardrobe.


JORD Fieldcrest Wood Watch
Whether you’re wearing neutral khakis and whites or stepping out in the corals, greens, and golds that beckon vacation, you’re good to go with a JORD wood wristwatch.Each JORD wristwatch is a miniature work of art whose face, bezel, and strap feature distinctive hues and wood grains. Moreover, a JORD wristwatch’s breathable, comfortable band is perfect for summer’s hot temperatures.


If you’re an Apple fan like me, you might be anxiously awaiting the release of the Apple Watch that will cost you upward of $400.  For the price you’d pay for one Apple Watch, why not get two beautiful JORD wood watch?


It’s hard to go wrong with a JORD Fieldcrest watch. This gorgeous, unique item is the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.


JORD Fieldcrest Wood Watch


To see more beautiful JORD wood watches, check out their websiteFacebook page and Instagram.


We want you to have the opportunity to wear a JORD watch this  Spring/Summer so we’re giving a lucky reader a $120 JORD gift certificate to spend on the wood watch of their choice!  If you fancy a JORD wood watch over $120 simply pay the difference and get the watch of your dreams!spacer
Entries will be accepted 4/10/2015 through 12am 4/28/15.  Contest open to U.S. residents ages 18+.  The Mommy Insider is not responsible for prize fulfillment.





Disclaimer: I was provided a free JORD Wood Watch to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received.



5 Fancasual (Fancy + Casual) Dresses For Little Girls Sizes 4-14

Madelyn, my 7-year-old, informed me a few days ago that she is ready to clean her closet of any dresses she hasn’t worn in a few days.  A few days?  She said that if she hasn’t worn them in a few days they aren’t a favorite and should be given to a little girl who will appreciate them.  Seriously, I thought.. she actually heard something I said?!

So, we went through her closet and took out a bunch of stuff most of which was too small and she took out a few dresses that were not too small but she hasn’t worn more than once or twice.   I had to accept that we were getting rid of relatively unworn pieces but we will deliver them to Goodwill and I’m sure there’s a little girl who will love the dresses as much as I did when I bought them for Madelyn.

girl's dress wishlist

I asked Madelyn to come up with a list of what she wants and doesn’t want in “fancasual” dresses.  That ended up being quite the project.  She got a whiteboard and dry erase markers and asked me to make ‘want’ and ‘don’t want’ columns then she spouted off a list of characteristics she’s looking for in a dress.  Maybe she should be a dress designer after all.  I have always thought career choice was an odd one but now that she’s getting older and better able to share her thoughts with me, I see it.

Here are the columns.  I was a good listener despite some of her strange requests like ‘gross, uncomfortable stuff’.  I wanted so badly to ask what dress she’s owned that was gross or had uncomfortable stuff on it?  Really?

Two more  questionable characteristics in her ‘don’t want’ list are blah and ugly sleeves.   As we went through her old dresses I asked if each was ‘blah’ or had ugly sleeves.  What’s an ugly sleeve anyway I asked?  She said “it’s one that’s puffy or has things dangling from it”.  Ok.   We didn’t come across a dress with ugly sleeves so apparently I haven’t made that mistake yet.

Here are 5 dresses that Madelyn hand-picked that meet most of her ‘want’ requirements.

You’ll notice that blue from the ‘don’t want’ column was ignored when it came time to actually choosing dresses. 🙂

Fancy casual dresses for little girls

1 – Splendid ’Sparkle Lux’ Dress  | Available in girl’s sizes 7-8, 10, 12, 14 – $68

2 – Soprano Beaded Peter Pan Collar Sleeveless Dress icon| Available in sizes 7-8, 10-12, 14, 16 – $42

3 – Ella and Lulu Striped Floral Dress icon | Available in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – $38

4 – Truly Me Stripe Hooded Dress icon| Available in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – $54

5 – Ella and Lulu Colorblock Dress icon| Available in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – $38

Madelyn was a little concerned about the beaded collar on dress #2 but when she saw that it is called a Peter Pan Collar, she agreed that might be the best dress ever!


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What is your daughter’s dream dress?  I’d love to know what she says if you ask her! It might be different that you expect. I didn’t expect unicorns and no ‘ugly sleeves’… that’s for sure!

Alicia, The Mommy Insider blog author

New-Mom Style and Fashion Tips

For a lot of new moms, finding a balance between fashion and comfort can be difficult. New moms often find that their wardrobe consists of sweatpants and tees and many, like I did, wear maternity pants for months after having their baby because they are comfortable. This time in a new mom’s life is often called the fourth trimester!

It is very important however, for new moms to dress fashionably even if they are still over their ideal weight and can’t fit into their stylish pre-pregnancy clothes. Shopping at the closest department might not be the answer though. After having my second child and once I realized that I wasn’t going to fit into my size 6 pants again anytime soon, I went to a department store to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I ended up buying pieces that didn’t fit me. Why? I was tempted by the ‘regular’ size stuff in the store and thought surely I’ll lose the extra 15 pounds in a week or so. Needless to say, that wasn’t the case.

Plus size fashion from fashion world gives new moms who are a size 12-32 a lot of options allowing them to get out of the sweatpants and baggy tees. I’m all for wearing comfortable clothes but it’s very important for self esteem, to say the least, that we dress to impress even when at home with the kids. Wearing clothes with some style just makes people feel better, don’t you agree?


A couple of my favorite pieces from Fashion World, for example, are the Joe Browns Antique Vintage Dress (pictured above) and the Angel Ribbons Christie Rainbow Jumper. Pair the jumper (aka sweater) with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or leggings and ankle boots, for a cute and comfortable outfit that you will feel stylish and confident in!

Fashion tips for new moms:

  • Wear clothes that highlight areas of your body that you love.
  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize
  • Empire-waist dresses are a great option for new moms
  • Pairing a flowing top (not baggy) with leggings or skinny jeans will help you look thinner
  • A long necklace can also help make new moms look thinner

Are you a mom whose go-to outfit is sweatpants and a tee or are you a stylish mom who understands that you can have the best of both worlds.. style AND comfort?

What are your must-have ‘fourth trimester’ pieces?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

App to the Rescue! ‘Good Looks’ iPhone App Creates a Personal Style Catalog of your Outfits

Good Looks style app for iPhoneiPhone app to the rescue!

Choosing an outfit is a struggle for me every day. It’s pretty sad. I just got notice of a new app called Good Looks which allows the user to capture, sort, and plan outfits using her iPhone’s camera and based on what she already owns.

Here’s more about the iPhone app..

Good Looks app for iPhone Merges Fashion and Technology, Enables Users to Find Inspiration in their Own Closet!

Height & Hands, a Boston-based design and development firm, launched the Good Looks app for iPhone®, a personal style catalog that allows you to capture, sort and plan your outfits using your iPhone’s built-in camera function.  With Good Looks you can create new versions of your favorite outfits using what you already own or see what you’re missing to make your shopping trips more efficient. The app is built around the premise that it’s easier to see what works in your closet by keeping track of what you’ve worn and when you wore it.

“We designed Good Looks to be a fun and simple closet companion to use while you’re getting dressed in the morning,” said Good Looks Creator, Amy Parker, Owner of Height & Hands. “I was keeping track of what I wore every day using my phone’s photo gallery when I realized that I had no way to sort through them quickly.”

The app is easy to use: snap a picture of your outfit, then categorize it by season, rate it’s formality and add your own tags and notes. The outfit is then added to your gallery andcan be easily sorted using the info you’ve assigned. Can’t recall if you wore that outfit to your last meeting? Good Looks can help you remember.

The app also features a calendar with integrated weather forecasting, allowing you to plan your future outfits or view past outfits chronologically. Did you wear that last Wednesday? The calendar acts as your personal style journal to help you add variety to your looks.

Other planning tools within Good Looks include a “wear again” feature that allows you to schedule favorite outfits for a specific date in the future. The app draws from Height & Hands’ web design background to provide an intuitive and seamless user experience set against a simple and visually appealing design.

“With Good Looks, we want to inspire people to shop their own closets and evolve their own sense of style, simply by keeping track of what they wear every day,” said Parker.

Good Looks is available for download on the iPhone App Store for $1.99

Good Looks daily style catalog iPhone app

About Good Looks

Good Looks is a personal style catalog that allows you to capture, sort and plan your outfits, get inspired to shop your closet, evolve your style or get out the door faster. It’s easy to see what works by keeping track of what you’ve worn and when you wore it. Create new versions of your favorites with what you already have in your closet or see what you’re missing and make your shopping trips more efficient. For more information visit http://goodlooksapp.com/.

For style tips and fashion news, follow along at Good Looks Daily.

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