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My Husband Got Busted in the Carpool Line!

I got a call from my daughter’s preschool director asking me to tell my husband to not cut in line at carpool anymore. He got busted!
Please read on..
The carpool situation is strange..

There are two carpool lines and because my daughter is picked up in the second carpool line we have to sit through the first line in order to get to our daughter’s line which is in the back of the school.  Sometimes people in the first line leave so much space between their cars that it holds those of us that we get frustrated that we can’t get through.  While I’m not bothered by the waiting, (I am typically very patient while driving and non-agressive) my husband was apparently impatient with the driver in front of him who he thought *could* but wasn’t moving up enough to give him space to get through to the second line.  I understand that it can get frustrating but apparently my husband should work on being patient.  The driver who was in front of my husband when he ‘cut’ through, honked at him and I guess she told the Director what he did.  He’s the only Dad who drives a brand new Ford Mustang so I think he’s an easy target. 😉

If I’d have answered the phone when the director called this morning (I was in a meeting and she left a message) I would have been really embarrassed as I  am am the opposite of an aggressive driver.

What I Advise to my Husband about the Carpool Line:

  • Don’t get impatient in the carpool line.
  • Don’t mess with another driver in the carpool line.  He/she could pull out a sippy cup and splash juice all over your car.  Not the Mustang!  Yes, the Mustang.
  • Don’t rush the person in front of you in the carpool line.
  • Relax.. it’s important to be happy and calm when our daughter gets in the car.  Don’t let a little hold up, get you all worked up.

I would hate for something like what recently happened with Cecily Kellog’s daughter, to happen to our daughter.  While I feel that her daughter’s preschool not allowing her to come back to school was ridiculously unwarranted, I guess it happens and that ‘s a reality.  My daughter loves her school and I want to keep it that way!

Alicia Hagan, Mom Blog editor

Goony Goo-Goo and GaGa Too! Madelyn is HOOKED on this book

Goony Goo Goo and GaGa Too
Goony Goo Goo and GaGa Too

Like I’ve said in previous book related reviews, Madelyn LOVES to read.. or rather, be read to, at this age.  From what I’ve seen, most 3-5 year olds get hooked on something and it becomes part of their routine.. for a long time.  Such is the case with Goony Goo Goo and GaGa Too written by children’s book author Kia Morgan Smith.

Goony Goo Goo and GAGA Too
Goony Goo Goo and GaGa Too
is a tale of two sisters Selena and Celeste who are less than enthusiastic about their new baby brother.   They don’t understand why he can’t talk or walk and at the first indication that ‘Baby Boy’ understands what the girls are saying, the girls go on and on assigning him chores and such.  Mom is none to happy about the girls attitude about Baby Boy and gives them a piece of her mind by explaining to them that Baby Boy isn’t their servent boy and that the girls should appreciate their little brother for who he is and what he can do.  The book is whimsically illustrated by Brandon Fall.

Click this link to buy Goony Goo-Goo and GaGa Too on Amazon.com.

Here’s a brief video of Madelyn showing off the book and her favorite children’s book author:

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