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Mommy Mention – Steadycup

Madelyn is much more independant than Sebastian (now 7) was at her age. I guess it’s because she wants to be like her brother. She won’t eat in her highchair anymore. She has to sit at the table with us. And, she has to have the same tableware that we are using. Because she is still very young (17 months), I prefer for her to not use a regular cup too often. Especially at the table. She is generally very good with a regular cup (no top) but it’s just too much added stress to let her have one at the dinner table.

I stumbled across the Steadycup sold at amazon.com this morning and I think this can help us.  The Steadycup is supposed to be tip resistant on high chairs and table tops and at a price of just $4.00, I might as well try it.  It is dishwasher safe and microwable. I guess you can warm some soup in it?

You can buy the Steadycup here..at our aStore.