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Softsoap Ensembles handsoap

Soft Soap EnsemblesMoms are always looking for ways to save money.  One way we can save money is by not buying a new soap bottle every time we run out of hand soap.    With the kids out of school for the summer you are probably noticing a quicker than average consumption of soap which is good.. that means your kids are washing their hands! But, that also means that you are buying new bottles of soap often which is not so good for your wallet or the planet.  We can change that buy purchasing Softsoap Ensembles.  First you buy a Softsoap Ensembles pump and base system together. When you run out of soap, keep the pump and choose a new base, a quick and easy way to switch things up in your bathroom or kitchen.

The pump is silver gray color, a nice look for any bathroom or kitchen. The Softsoap Ensemble collection of bases is made up of four modern, elegant designs as well as a neutral “Creamy Cotton” design.

Keep a Softsoap Ensemble system in your all of your bathrooms and in your kitchen so your kids have easy access to hand soap.  The easier it is for your kids to get to the hand soap, the more they will use it!

You can purchase Softsoap Ensembles hand soap at most drugstores, grocery stores, and online. For more information about Softsoap Ensembles, visit the website here.

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Stay tuned for our Softsoap Ensembles giveaway starting in the beginning of July.