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Food Review + Giveaway: Fisher ‘Nut Exactly’ Dark Chocolate Dipped Snack Bites + $50 Costco Gift Card Giveaway!

Every school day when the kids come home they run straight to the kitchen to grab a snack.  My daughter will usually pick an orange or strawberries but my son prefers something crunchy which is mostly potato chips or those mixed snacks bags.   I have been going over the labels on his snacks with him for the last few months and we both find the sodium and fat content in most of the salty snacks kids eat, alarming, not to mention the artificial flavors and ingredients.  Yikes!  One of his snacks has 230mg of sodium in one serving which is just 1/2 of a cup!

Fisher Nut Exactly Dark Chocolate Dipped Snack Bites

We were very happy to see that a new snack in our house, Fisher® Nut Exactly, has only 140mg of sodium and a serving is 10 big crunchy pieces!  Having something substantial to eat, something that you don’t have to have a handful of to put in your mouth (like smaller snacks), allows you to feel like you’re really eating something, not just shoving a snack in your mouth.

This is Sebastian sitting down so share a bowl of Nut Exactly with his sister. 🙂

He thought he was really funny when Madelyn asked “can I have some?” to which he replied “nut exactly”.. and she was very confused.

At Fisher, they live for the little joyful moments in life that are about taking a break and sharing a bite. They love dreaming up and creating flavor combinations with a fresh twist. We live for morsels, nibbles, things that crunch.  This is all right up my son’s ally.  Except Fisher has done the work for my son and put an incredible combination of goodness together in one bite size snack, for him!

Fisher Nut Exactly popcorn almond chocolate snack

Each of the ingredients you see above make the delicious snack balls taste divine.  My kids love popcorn, almonds, and chocolate so there wasn’t a chance in the world that they wouldn’t like Nut Exactly as you can see in the photo of my daughter devouring a Nut Exactly before I could get a good shot, below.

Fisher Nut Exactly at Costco

Fisher® thought long and hard about what makes the perfect snack. A satisfying crunch, a sweet yet savory taste and unlimited poppablitity. It’s not exactly almonds. It’s not exactly popcorn. It’s not exactly dark chocolate. It’s Nut Exactly. Every bite should leave you coming back for more.  With NO artificial ingredients,  Fisher Nut Exactly is a flavorful, sweet & savory snack that you  can feel good about enjoying.

Fisher Nut Exactly at Costco

The best part? More doesn’t feel like too much. It feels like just right. It’s a snack you can feel good about enjoying.  It’s a good thing my mom shops at Costco once a week and is kind enough to ask if the kids and I need anything while she’s there.  I’ve been saying no for a few years since I discovered online ordering of paper towels, etc.. but now we’re saying yes please, Nut Exactly!

Costco stores throughout the Southeast will also have sampling of Fisher Nut Exactly on April 26th so be sure to drive to your nearest Costco and have  a try!

Fisher Nut Exactly will be available at select Costco locations for a limited time beginning April 6, 2014, for $6.99 (15 ounce package).

Fisher Nut Exactly prize pack

Win A Fisher Nut Exactly Prize Pack Complete With A $50 Costco Gift Card

One lucky reader of The Mommy Insider will win a Fisher Nut Exactly prize pack that includes:

  • Fisher Nut Exactly
  • $50 Costco Gift Card

It is not mandatory to leave a comment to enter this contest but it will get you 10 extra entries!

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Entries accepted through 11am EST May 9th, 2014. Contest open to U.S. residents ages 18+ only. No P.O. Boxes. The Mommy Insider is not responsible for prize fulfillment and shipping.

Jiftastic Instant Coma Bite Size Treats.. yum!

Jiftastic Instant Coma bite size treats

While mixing peanut butter with almost everything under the sun today in hopes of coming up with a snack that both of my kids would enjoy, I concocted these little treats I affectionately call Jiftastic Instant Coma Bite Size Treats (thanks Daddy).

What you’ll need:

  • Jif Peanut Butter
  • Graham crackers
  • Banana
  • Candy chocolate
  • Mini chocolate chips – pour into a small bowl

How to make Jiftastic Instant Coma treats:

  • Break a graham cracker into four pieces
  • Slice a banana into slices about 3/4 inch thick then cut the slices in half
  • Melt candy chocolate in the microwave for about 35-45 seconds
  • Spread melted chocolate on 1/4 of the graham cracker (for bigger ‘treats’ break graham cracker in 1/2 instead of 1/4’s)
  • Put the chocolate covered graham cracker pieces in the freezer for about 15 minutes to harden the chocolate
  • While those are in the freezer spread your choice of Jif peanut butter on top of your 1/2 banana slices. (Regular Jif and Jif Peanut Butter & Honey are great choices.)
  • Then dip the peanut butter covered banana piece into a bowl of mini chocolate chips to cover the top of the banana slice and set aside.
  • Take the chocolate covered graham crackers out of the freezer.
  • Put your peanut butter and chocolate chip covered banana slice on top of the chocolate & peanut butter covered graham cracker.
  • ENJOY!

How do you enjoy peanut butter?  On a pretzel, banana, apples, raisins?  Let us know in the comments below.