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Hippity-Hop To Chasing Fireflies For The Cutest Easter Gifts and Crafts! | @ChasenFireflies

Easter is one of three times of the year that we talk to our kids about the meaning of the holiday and that we really get into decorating for.  Christmas and Thanksgiving are the other two.  Besides celebrating the meaning of Easter, kids love to celebrate Easter with Easter Eggs, Crafts, and chocolate bunnies.and parents love to dress their kids in fancy Easter clothes, right?   Luckily my husband’s mom loves to shop for fancy clothes and has made shopping for the kid’s Easter clothes her special thing, so I get to enjoy the fun stuff like decorating and dyeing Easter Eggs and what not.

This year, my daughter and I made the most adorable Easter decoration which came from Chasing Fireflies.  This is not just any Easter decoration, it’s a Shrinky Dinks® Easter Tree!  Combine a favorite holiday with a favorite craft.. imagine the amazing time we had!  Chasing Fireflies is our favorite store for Halloween costumes and other superbly adorable stuff. Whenever the Chasing Fireflies catalog comes in the mail, my daughter gets comfy and spends a while looking through it and circling everything she wants.

First Madelyn colored the Shrinky Dinks®.  This was her favorite part of the craft.  She loves to color and did a great job.  I was very impressed at how careful she was to stay in the lines and she stepped out and used green, yellow, and orange for this project!

Easter shrinky dinks craft


Next, I cut the Shrinky Dinks® out because I know we are going to have this tree for years and although I usually let her do every (safe) aspect of a craft project I cut the shrinky dinks out this time.

Then, we put the cut shrinky dinks® in the toaster on 350 degrees for about a minute and a half.   Madelyn watched in amazement as the Srinky Dinks® shrunk, curled up, then straightened out.  The shrinky dinks® at the top of the image below have not been baked/shrunk yet and the ones at the bottom have.

shrink dinks easter tree


After we baked the Shrinky Dinks®, I put the rings on each piece then she put the rubber bands in the rings.  Then we hung the Shrinky Dinks® on the Easter tree.

Last, we tied and placed the green ribbons, included in the box, onto the tree.

Chasing Fireflies Shrinky Dinks Easter Tree craft project


We really had such a great time creating this beautiful Easter Tree together.   All pieces shown in the images are included in the Shrinky Dinks® Easter Tree box.   This Easter project is just $18 on the Chasing Fireflies website.  For a decoration (and craft making memories) that we will have for many years, that’s a great deal!

peter rabbit spinning centerpiece from Chasing Fireflies

We also got a Peter Rabbit™ Spinning Centerpiece from Chasing Fireflies.  The centerpiece was easy to put together and I love the classic images that make up the entertaining decoration.

The Shrinky Dinks® Easter Tree and Peter Rabbit™ Spinning Centerpiece both break down to be flat making them very easy to store until next Easter.

Check out Chasing Fireflies‘ selection of adorable children’s clothing, costumes, and gifts and see their entire line of Easter crafts and gifts here.

I hope you and your kids have a Happy Easter!

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received Chasing Fireflies items for the purpose of this review.