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Review of Mercedes-Benz 2013 GL-Class Safety and Comfort Features

Two days after landing back home in Atlanta from a GL-Class test drive in Santa Fe, NM, I’m still drooling over and fantasizing about the 2013 GL-Class SUV from Mercedez-Benz.  Given the anything but smooth and straight terrain we drove the GL 550 and GL 35o on in Santa Fe, NM, I was able to get a feel for how the vehicle operates under not just highway conditions but off-road as well.

Two features I focus on when test driving a vehicle for the first time, are safety and comfort.  This review introduces readers to the safety and comfort features that I think are most important for parents to consider when buying a new SUV for their family.

What are the features of the vehicle that will keep my family safe and comfortable?

During my three-day trip to Santa Fe, NM to test drive Mercedes’ upcoming 2013 GL-Class SUV, I learned about the plethora of safety and comfort features of the GL-Class which are sure to make you *need* to take the GL-Class for a spin when it becomes available in September.

Mercedes-Benz 2013 GL-Class
Mercedes-Benz 2013 GL-Class

Parents will be thrilled with the numerous safety features available on the 2013 GL-Class SUV.
The spacious seven-passenger SUV comes with a standard rearview camera, 13-way airbag protection, 4MATIC all-wheel drive that provides all-weather control, and a whole host of other crucial features to protect their children.

Mercedes-Benz 2013 GL-Class SUV
Mercedes-Benz 2013 GL-Class SUV

Here are few 2013 GL-Class safety feature any parent driver will appreciate:

  • There is the PRE-SAFE® system that adjusts settings to headrests, seat belts, windows, sunroofs and other items in preparation of an impending crash.
  • Attention Assist driver-drowsiness monitor sounds an alert when it detects signs of fatigue in the driver.
  • The optional Active Park Assist with Surround View Camera uses four cameras mounted to different points on the GL to create an overhead image of the SUV and its surroundings on the COMAND screen.
  • Also included is the new radar-based Collision Prevention Assist technology that can alert the driver and get the brakes ready for maximum stopping power if it detects an impending collision.
  • Finally, the GL can include the Trailer Stability Assist that automatically adjusts for the sway of items being towed. With a towing capacity of a whopping 7,500 pounds, this is a critical feature.
For protection every day, drivers can opt for the Lane Tracking Package. It includes both Lane Keeping Assist to help drivers stay in their own lanes and Blind Spot Assist that alerts drivers with a light and a sound when they are close to a vehicle into whose lane they are trying to pull. For even more protection, there is the Driver Assistance Package that combines the Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist with the advanced sensors of the DISTRONIC PLUS system that activates the PRE-SAFE® brake to compensate for vehicles in its path that have stopped or slowed down significantly.

2013 GL-Class Comfort

Like other Mercedes-Benz models, the comfort of the GL cannot be beat. It includes a seven-speed automatic transmission, completely redesigned dashboard and new upholstery combinations. There are also massaging front seats and ambient lighting, as well as the AIRMATIC air suspension that levels itself. This last feature allows the GL to handle like a smaller vehicle while electromechanical steering leads to an effortless driving experience.

We can’t leave out the new EASY-ENTRY system

To gain easy 3rd row access, there is the power EASY-ENTRY system that tilts the second row forward by simply pressing a button. There are also flat-folding seats in the second and third rear rows to gain the most cargo space possible. The third row also has a power-folding button, and there is an optional Panorama sunroof.
With the significant focus on both safety and comfort, the folks at Mercedes-Benz have created the perfect family vehicle. It is large, elegant, comfortable, and one of the safest vehicles on the road today. Families cannot go wrong with a choice as good as this one.
The 2013 GL-Class will be available in September 2012.  You will love driving this vehicle.  Don’t forget to bring the kids along for a test drive so they too can experience the excitement that is the GL-Class!
Alicia Hagan, Editor
Disclosure: Mercedez-Benz invited me to Santa Fe, NM to test drive the 2013 GL-Class.  All expenses were paid but I was not compensated financially in any way and all opinions are 100% my own.