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Choosing The Best Infant Car Seat For You and Your Baby

best infant car seatsChoosing an infant car seat is one of the most important tasks of expectant and new parents.  Researching infant car seats can be frustrating and overwhelming to some pregnant moms.   With so many car seats on the market, how do parents know which infant car seat is right for their child? Below are some tips for buying a quality infant car seat.

New and expecting parents have asked me how I chose my kids car seats over the years.  My answer.. I consulted Consumer Reports magazine and bought the car seat that was rated highest.   I didn’t care about looks but was most focused on safety.  Britax car seats have been very reliable for us and they have had fabulous safety ratings over the last 12 years that I’ve been buying car seats.  I know that researching via Consumer Reports’ magazine or website might not be ideal for parents who don’t have a subscription though so I am sharing with you a few of my favorite tips and car seat options.


Research The Options

Parents shopping for an infant car seat should research the many options on the market. Expectant parents can research car seats on sites like ConsumerReports.org, which provides detailed car seat reviews. These car seat reviews are useful because they offer expectant parents a detailed account of what other consumers liked and hated about each specific infant car seat.

Consider These Infant Car Seat Choices


Parents who are up to date with reading car seat reviews will recognize the strong consumer following of these three seats.

Britax B-SAFE infant car seat1. Britax B-SAFE
The Britax B-SAFE is one of the top rated car seats on the market. Sold as a travel system or as just the infant car seat, this product is easy to take in and out of the car, making it a great option for parents on the go. The front harness adjuster allows for easy strap adjustments, and the high weight capacity makes this the perfect car seat for infants up to 30 pounds.


Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat2. Chicco KeyFit 30
The best rated car seat by ConsumerReports.org, the Chicco KeyFit 30 holds babies from the tiniest to the heaviest weights approved for infant car seat use. Keeping babies safe from 4 pounds to 30 pounds, this car seat has one of the easiest adjustment systems available on the market and is compatible with a variety of strollers.



Safety 1st onBoard 35 infant car seat3. Safety 1st onBoard 35
The Safety 2st onBoard 35 is one of the most modestly priced car seats on the market with the ability to rear face up to 35 pounds. With front end harness adjustment, this seat makes it easy for parents to give their little ones a snug fit, keeping them safe and secure.

Car Seat Recalls

Parents should be sure to keep up with infant car seat recalls to make sure that their product remains safe even after purchase. Parents are encouraged to check for infant car seat, big kid car seat and booster seat recalls often.  Aside from recalls, it is also important to research the crash protection of an infant car seat, its ease of use, and vehicle fit.

Good luck with your car seat shopping.  Please ask questions or leave comments below!

Disclosure: I was not compensated by any of the brands featured in this article. 

Alicia Hagan, Editor