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Reversible romper – Right Bank Babies

I don’t know about you, but I like to look at my baby books and see how things like clothing, furniture, decor, hair styles, have changed in the last 30+ years. There are a few things that we hope will come back and some things that we hope will not come back such as the 1970’s hair styles.  Right Bank Babies has brought the classic baby romper back, but in not so classic patterns.

Right Bank Baby rompers are reversable so you really have two great outfits for your baby.

We’ve all done it.. we are out of the house, baby gets her shirt dirty (no names mentioned!), so baby’s shirt is turned in side out so as to not gross out baby’s crazed fans. Ok, that was a little dramatic, but it’s the truth. It happens. Now, when your baby is wearing her Right Bank Baby reversable romper, you can turn it in side out and your baby is actually wearing a whole new outfit… and mom looks prepared!  Your in-laws will be so impressed.

Right Bank Baby reversable romper patterns cater to both boys and girls and moms with all types of style including classic, modern, hip, trendy, and whimsical.

My camera is out of commission today but I hope to include a photograph of Madleyn wearing her ‘flaming’ Right Bank Baby reversable romper later today.

Where to buy: Right Bank Baby