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The Tessy & Tab Reading Club – Madelyn’s favorite books for travel

Tessy and Tab Reading Club

We just got back from a week’s stay in Orlando and I’m not kidding you.. I read Tessy & Tab books every night and a few times over at that.  I received a set of Tessy & Tab Reading Club books to review and thought that they would be nice to take on our trip so I brought them along.  Once we got to Florida and in bed for the night I took the Tessy & Tab books out of my bag and a very excited Madelyn (4 years old) lined them up and chose one, then two, then three, then four Tessy & Tab books to read.  I usually read 3 books at bedtime and that’s it!  Not while we were in Florida.  That’s not the way it went.

Madelyn caught in the act of 'reading' a Tessy & Tab book

Tessy & Tab Reading Club books promote early independent reading for preschool children.  Each little book uses the six skills for early literacy in order to encourage kids to read alone sooner and with confidence.  Because they are so colorful and fun to read, Madelyn wants to read them over and over again.  I’m fine with it though because she really tries to read these books with me and loves the activities at the end of each book.  The colorful, ad-free magazines arrive in the mail twice a month with useful parent tools and fun learning activities.

Tessy & Tab books teach preschoolers how books work, narrative skills, letter knowledge, phonological awareness (say that 10 times really fast!), vocabulary, and number knowledge amongst other things.

A Tessy & Tab subscription includes:

  • 24 advertising-free magazines addressed just to them!
  • Two ad-free magazines each month
  • Plus, educational games and printable coloring pages available online.

A Tessy & Tab reading club subscription is a great and affordable gift for any preschooler in your life.

Visit the Tessy & Tab Reading Club website to learn more.