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Pumpkin Masters saved the holiday in the Hagan house

Halloween evening came to a halt about 14 minutes ago, it’s 12:14 am here. But I still have candy and chatting with friends on my mind.

The kids and I were very prepared for Halloween this year thanks to Pumpkin Masters‘ carving kits and Monster Pieces kit.
Madelyn, shown below, absolutely loved Pumpkin Masters Monster Pieces. I had thought that she could just paint a pumpkin this year but when these kits arrived in the mail I knew that Madelyn would be all over the monster pieces.
Sure enough she transformed her pumpkin from a dull, standard small pumpkin into a three-faced bilingual (Madelyn’s says so) pumpkin and one that is
clearly full of emotions. If the pumpkin’s three faces is any indication into his emotional health, you should be ware.

You can stock up on Halloween carving kits here at Pumpkin Masters store.
Madelyn took her new Pumpkin Masters lighted pumpkin bucket along for trick or treating and it was a huge hit, especially with the younger kids and girls. I guess they like lights. Sebastian put his Pumpkin Masters three light blinking brain in his carved pumpkin that we left on the front porch alongside our bowl of candy. He was thrilled to find that it was still blinking when we got home from trick or treating, hours after he turned it on. He was bummed (but probably inwardly happy) that no one came our house to get candy. Darn.. We have tons of extra m&m’s, twix, lolipops, and snickers bars to deal with here now. What ever will we do?

We gave 3 lucky Atlanta Moms readers a set of pumpkin/Halloween products at a recent get together/contest..

A Giveaway for you!

And now.. if you share a link to your creatively carved pumpkin from this year, we’ll enter you in a drawing to win $10 worth of Pumpkin Masters products for next Halloween. Gotta love being proactive, right? Tell us the age of the primary carver and helper (if any) when linking to your photograph.

Enter to win:

REQUIRED – leave a comment below telling us where we can find your pumpkin photograph (link, Facebook, twitter)’ and the names and ages of the carvers. Full names not necessary.
REQUIRED – also tell us why you want win a Pumpkin Masters carving kit for next year
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– follow us on Twitter (@Mommyinsider) then send out this tweet to your twitter friends (up to once per day!) I just entered to win a Pumpkin Masters carving kit from TheMommyInsider.com. You can enter to win too! Link: http://ow.ly/32lFA

Prize & Contest Details

– Entries accepted through 11:59 November 15
– winner will be notified via the email address the winning comment has
– make sure to use the same email address every time you complete an ‘extra entry’ task.
– we will retain right of use for the photographs submitted for use of this contest (if you are not comfortable with your pumpkin achieving celebrity status then don’t enter this contest! 🙂