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KidPointz.com Helps Parents Use Technology as a Positive Parenting Tool

As teachers and parents both will agree; clear rules, boundaries, and expectations go a long way towards creating positive lifelong habits and behaviors for children. My own experiences as a nanny, and now as a parent of 2 children—12 and 6—have shown me the power of positive parenting, redirecting negativity and celebrating success. By establishing a clear familial routine, setting realistic goals and expectations for each child, and incorporating fun and interesting activities into our customary interactions, we can provide the stability children inherently crave while enjoying our role as parents and positive role models.

Kid PointzFor many, our relationships with technology may interfere with our parenting attempts. Computers, gaming systems, TV, DVDs, and countless versions of these recreational and educational tools can entice us away from time with our loved ones, but technology, in proper proportion, does not need to be detrimental. Educational games and informational programming can enhance our parenting, as well as help us model critical skills for the consumption of information. One of the helpful Internet tools available to parents is KidPointz.com.

An extensive library of articles, videos, and free family activities are available to assist parents with a wide variety of behavior issues, such as temper tantrums, power struggles, nail biting, or frustration associated with learning disabilities. Additionally, KidPointz has proven reward systems and incentive programs to encourage positive behaviors and motivate kids to do homework or complete household chores. Print out behavior charts and fun activities for kids focus on positive consequences and reward our children’s successes.

proud of her work
It's important to praise kids for their work so they are proud.

But, in our hectic lives, the question remains: how can we effectively utilize online tools in our time-challenged lifestyle?
By establishing a clear familial routine, we suddenly find more time in our days, and the kids routine charts on KidPointz.com can help. These charts help children focus on what we expect them to accomplish throughout the day; ultimately they are more organized and develop good lifelong time management and organizational habits. For those looking for a tech-savvy version of routine charts, Kid Pointz Reward System for Kids iPhone app fits the bill by combining the interactive world of Smart phones with the positive reinforcement inherent in behavior charting.

Kid Pointz iPhone App
Click image to open iTunes' Kid Pointz App page

Another way that these online resources can help build positive familial dynamics is through an extensive list of activities. Never again will you be confronted by the “We’re bored” summer mantra without a solution. Printable handouts engage kids in learning in fun and interesting ways, or choose an age-appropriate science experiment such as this bottle music activity, journaling suggestion, or hands-on arts and crafts project. The thousands of ideas hold possibilities for every age and every interest.

Using technology to support positive parenting helps us to build lasting relationships with our children while enjoying the process.

How do you implement positive parenting into your every day life?  Please share your positive parenting tips with us in the comments below.

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