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iPosture, the gadget that helps improve posture

When you walk by the mirror are you surprised to see that you are a little hunched over?  Even just a little hunch is too much.  I’ve seen that little hunch my mirror one to many times.  Hunching in your 90’s is one thing but having a hunch in your 30’s is another.  Moms sit, walk, bend, and rock constantly and keeping good posture while doing all of these things is important but how do we know when our posture is just right?  Iposture-2

The iPosture is an intuitive electronic device designed to improve
posture. Just over one inch in diameter, the iPosture clips to your bra, hangs on a necklace, or sticks to you with a little sticky pad.  When you put the iPosture on the first time, push the button to record your posture then the iPosture will automatically
sense when your body slouches, and will alerts you with brief
vibrations to correct it.  The vibrations are gentle, not zaps.

The iPosture provides a multitude of benefits including trimming belly
bulges, easing common back problems, and making you look taller, younger
and sexier.  Just ask your husband after you’ve been wearing the iPosture for a few days.

You can think of the $65 (current price as of publication date) iPosture as a money saver.. you won’t have to get a massage nearly as often because you won’t have the sore back muscles caused by poor posture.

iPosture website