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If you are looking for a "ride on" toy that doesn't have an age or weight limit, you've got to get  the PlasmaCar! The PlamsaCar is awesome for kids ages 3 and up.. to 220 pounds.
Sebastian's Grandpa (200 pounds) had a blast going through the obstacle course we set up in the garage.

The PlasmaCar is propelled by weight distribution. Simply by turning the steering wheel, the PlasmaCar moves. No peddling. No power needed. It's amazing! To make the PlasmaCar go, the child simply wiggles the steering wheel back and forth. The PlasmaCar easily reverses by turning the steering wheel 180 degrees. The seat and the foot rests are rubber so the rider doesn't slip.

Watch the PlasmaCar in action. Please don't focus on the fact that my 1 year old daughter is being chased by two plasmacars. She was really having fun but now that I look back at the video, one year later, it seems a little mean. The videos are a great representation of how easy to steer, smooth and fast the plasmacar is.

Here is what my seven year old says about the PlasmaCar:

  • It's easy to steer.
  • It's fun and fast!
  • It's light so I can carry it myself
  • It goes faster on a smooth surface like the garage floor or a basket ball court.
  • Sebastian suggests you have shoes on while riding the PlasmaCar.

I suggest that a child under 4 years old wear a helmet while riding the PlasmaCar. However, it is my observation that falling off the PlasmaCar should not cause injury as it is so close to the ground.

Price: You can buy just about any color Plasmacar on Amazon for around $60, down from about $80!

The PlasmaCar is available at Amazon.com.