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Scrapbooking Summer Fun Vacation Memories w/ Resource Links

shutterfly photo sharing and digital scrapbooking

Are you looking to have some fun scrapbooking summer fun vacation memories? Why not try an online scrapbook service? Online scrapbooks take away sticky fingers and trying to remember where you placed the photo you’ve been looking for, for the past half hour.

With online digital scrapbooks you don’t have to worry about your photos getting soiled or the fading of its color. Your photos will look the same years from now as they looked the day they were taken. It helps you to add your own personal touches that you may have taken hours to do if you were doing it manually. With over 1000 designs to choose from and the ability to create your own videos using your photos it helps bring your memories to life. The outcome look so professional that you would never believe how quick and easy it was to explore your imagination and create a scrapbook that would last you a life time.

Most online digital scrapbooking websites allow users to upload photos to their service from your existing Flickr photos, Facebook photos, Picasa photos and more online photo sharing services.

Throughout the summer this could also be an activity that you share with your children and could lead to hours of fun. If you don’t have the time to create your own online scrapbook you can request your book to be made for you.

The best part about it is that online digital scrapbooking can be done absolutely free. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars printing your photos in order to share your most cherished memories with family and friends. Now you can share your scrapbooks via the internet which is cost effective and you can reach a lot more persons at one time.

So if you are looking for a way to preserve your fun, summer memories seriously consider using an online scrapbook which can enhance your most memorable and unique moments that will be long lasting.

Online Digital Scrapbooking Resources

A few online digital scrapbooking services that I found to be easy to use, mostly free, and full of great layouts and scrapbook ideas are MixBook.com, BeeClip.com, CropMom.com, Shutterfly, Inkubook, and ScrapBlog.com.

Online Photo Sharing Resources

There are dozens of great online photo sharing websites that allow you to store your photographs on their servers free of charge.  Then when you log on to a digital scrapbooking website, you are able to pull those photographs from the photo sharing websites in directly from the photo sharing website of your choice.  Here are a few of the most popular photo sharing websites: Snapfish.com, Facebook.com, Picasa, and Flickr.


Did we leave your favorite photo sharing or digital scrapbooking service out of our list? Let us know what your favorite online scrapbook and photo sharing services are in the comments below.

Alicia Hagan, Editor