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It’s My Binky – personalized pacifiers

What’s something that almost every baby uses but parents don’t have many choices on color or style.. until now?  Pacifiers!

We buy the latest and greatest clothes and toys for our babies and kids, why not show off your child’s style (ok, your style) with a personalized pacifier?

It’s My Binky will personalize any size or style (newborn, orthodontic, or cherry) pacifier with your child’s name, nickname or saying on it. I absolutely LOVE the princess pacifier.
Madelyn’s nickname is princess so this pacifier fits her perfectly. Priced at only $5-$7 each, these are a steal! Each pacifier comes beautifully packaged and includes a protective pacifier cap to keep in clean while traveling or in your diaper bag.

It’s My Binky isn’t kidding around..for those of you who have $17,000 to spend on a pacifier, why not buy an It’s My Binky Solid White Gold with 278 Diamonds pacifier?! 🙂 This beautiful pacifier is not to be used though as is poses a choking

Reasons you should by an It’s My Binky pacifier:

1. If your child attends day care, you can rest assured that her play mate won’t end up with her pacifier because her pacifier will have her name on it!  Have I failed to mention lately that I am a germaphone according to Sebastian, my 7 year old son?

2. You can choose the color and style to match your baby’s personality and outfit for the day!

3. You can personalize it with your baby’s name or saying.

Where to buy: It’s My Binky

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