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Pepsi NEXT Taste Test and Review

Pepsi NEXT
Pepsi NEXT taste test

Pepsi NEXT had its national U.S. launch today.  Referred to as a “mid-calorie” soft drink, the latest PepsiCo beverage offers 60 percent less sugar and 60 percent fewer calories than regular Pepsi.  I know a lot of busy moms who rely on soda, usually diet soda, to get them through the day.  Myself included until recently when I decided to quit just to see if I could do it.  I’m happy to tell you that I did quit and I’m fine.

My husband is a Pepsi fan. He drinks a few Mountain Dews a day and is still thin as could be.  I’m not saying anything about his health but outward appearance would lead you to believe that he doesn’t touch sweets or high fat foods. Which is very far from fact I’ll have you know.

A few days ago I received a package in the mail. It was heavy for such a small box.  I was surprised to find a six pack of Pepsi NEXT in a pretty cool looking clear case.  My son has since commandeered the case and it using it for who knows what in his room.


Pepsi NEXT
Pepsi NEXT (source: Pepsi.com)


My husband tried Pepsi NEXT since I am currently not drinking soda (we’ll see how long that lasts).  The first thing he did after opening the can was smell it like he does wine.  He works in the restaurant business and is very much into the aroma and presentation of food and drinks.  He said it smells like regular Pepsi.  Then he took a sip.  And another.  And another.  He was apparently parched and was very happy to have a drink.  His overall thought was that Pepsi NEXT has the same type of taste as Coke Zero, but that he prefers the flavor or Pepsi products.  He said that Pepsi NEXT does not have a diet-y flavor.  My husband is not one to eat or drink sugar free or fat free so for him to say that he enjoyed this lower calorie Pepsi is significant.

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Alicia Hagan, Editor

Disclosure: I received a 6 pack of Pepsi NEXT free.  I was not told to write a review.  All opinions are my own (or my husband’s in this case).