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Jurassic World DVD

Jurassic World Movie Night With Mike & Ike and Peeps

Jurassic World Movie

Our Halloween night was supposed to look like this…  trick-or-treating through the neighborhood, then a Halloween Festival at a nearby church, and last, a viewing of Jurassic World.  I visioned the kids and I and Tim sitting on the couch together, a blanket covering our laps, popcorn in hand and Mike and Ike’s and Peeps on our snack plates.  Maybe you see where I’m going with this.  It didn’t happen.  Tim and I talked about what we thought was going to be such a fun night for a week before Halloween.  It would be a Halloween night unlike any other, we thought.  Well, it was.  It was the quietest Halloween ever.  Madelyn was sick and Sebastian went to a friend’s house.  That left Tim and I taking care of Madelyn who was in no condition to stay up to watch a movie.   We took her to the Halloween Festival but left soon after because she had a coughing attack.  🙁

I am sort of glad Madelyn didn’t watch it with Tim and I once we had time to watch it as she is very sensitive to violence, which this movie does not lack – but in a fun way for kids over 12 or so and who can handle some gore and suspense.  If you haven’t already seen Jurassic World, now is the time to plan a date night or family movie night!  This movie is fast paced, energetic and even the dinosaurs were full of character.  The CGI was wonderfully done allowing us to feel like we were flying in the world of dinosaurs ourselves.

Jurassic World DVD

I think I’ve only been to a movie once in my life when I didn’t have popcorn.  Having a special snack is a huge part of the movie experience to me. Mike & Ike and Peeps candy have Jurassic World themed candies for a limited time so get them while you can!   Mike & Ike are available in Jurassic World themed boxes and feature a variety of tropical fruit flavors with a mystery-flavored ‘Dino Egg’ bean inside.   Peeps offers fans Peeps Jurassic World Marshmallow Eggs!

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Hanging with my Peeps® Since 1977

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I know, it’s hard to believe I was around in 1977.  You know what has kept me looking so young? Probably all the Peeps® I ate and played with as a kid.  Please don’t laugh. I have to make my self feel a little better somehow.  The summertime blues are hitting me and I like to think that I still look a little younger than I am.  Peeps® have been around since 1953 I believe so they have a few years on me.

Something that I remember getting every year for Easter is Peeps®.  No, not the kind that our kids think of.. friends, but the delicious sugar covered, marshmallow kind.  My sister and I weren’t allowed to eat many sweets as kids so imagine our excitement when Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween came around every year.

I wouldn’t just eat the Peeps® though.  Oh no.  I got creative with Peeps®.  I put on shows with the little Peeps® bunnies and chicks like you wouldn’t believe.  “Quack” said the mommy Peep.  “Hop to the Mulberry Store to get your school supplies” mommy Peep said as little Peep hopped off into my mouth.  No kidding.  I LOVED everything about Peeps®.  The colors, the texture, the sweetness, the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of the little chicks.  Goodness, those were good days.  Then I went several years sans Peeps®.  You know, the childless years.  When my son was about almost 3 years old, I gave him his first Peeps® and what did he do? He played with them!

I’m sure you are saying something like, “Alicia, it’s not Easter.  Why are you talking about Peeps®?”.  Well, Peeps® are amazing all year round!  Easter, Valentine’s Day, for Teacher Appreciation Day, Birthdays, Christmas, and just any ordinary day.  You can order Peeps® online 24/7.  Whatcha waiting for?

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Disclosure: I was engaged by Mom Bloggers Club to participate in a campaign for Peeps®.  All opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way.

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