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SALONPAS Pain Relief Patch Review

SALONPAS Pain Relief Patch
SALONPAS Pain Relief Patch

Ever since a car accident I had about 10 years ago, I’ve had back and neck issues.  My back and/or neck hurt substantially hurt 70% of the time.  I don’t want to take perscription pain meds so I rely on my trusty heating pad and my massage chair every day.  I was recently introduced to SALONPAS by Stacie from TheDivineMissMommy.com and it really has changed how I do things.   I used to dread long road trips because it was a sure thing that my neck and back would be hurting after about an hour in the car.  Now, I just put a SALONPAS pain relieving patch on my neck or back and wahlah, it helps so much!

I ‘m getting ready to attend a nice relaxing 😉 Salonpas Twitter party hosted by @theprplace, @StacieinAtlanta, @lisasample, @crissy along with @mrsalonpas. I’m going to learn how to soothe the aches and pains that are sure to follow our Spring Break family vacation with Salonpas. You can join the party & be entered to win prizes here: http://productreviewplace.ning.com/profiles/blogs/salonpas-twitter-party-monday

You can learn more about SALONPAS on their website here.



Alicia Hagan, Mom Blog editor