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Owl Onesie from Wonder Threads

Whoo, Whoo, Whoo’s that cutie patutie in the owl shirt?

It’s  Madelyn of course. I know you will say the same about your baby when she’s wearing one of Wonder Threads super cute onesies.

This 100% cotton onesie with a furry brown poly fleece owl applique is adorable and will make you want to hoot like an owl when you see your baby wearing it. OK, maybe you don’t want to embarrass yourself by hooting, but your baby will look sooo cute in a Wonder Threads onesie.

I love this onesie from Wonder Threads. I haven’t seen baby clothing with texture on it before..neither has Madelyn which I guess is why she tried to eat the owl while she was wearing her Wonder Threads Owl Onesie.. but I love the idea of having texture on baby clothes!  The fuzzy owl makes me want to pick Madelyn up and squeeze her!!

Choose from several textured designs and from short or long sleeves.

Where to buy: Wonder Threads

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