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These Backyard Safari Outfitters’ toys supply kids with endless hours of outdoor fun

Backyard Safari Outfitters

Sebastian loves to be outside.   He’ll easily spend over an hour poking around the yard with a stick.  I don’t know what he’s looking for when he pokes around.. I’m just glad he’s occupying himself and is not in front of the TV.   I love watching him tiddle around in the yard whether he’s poking around with a stick or looking for mysterious bugs in the flower garden.  Madelyn, on the other hand.. she’s not a big ‘tiddler’.. she likes to run around and jump on the trampoline but she’s not into searching for cool bugs and ‘treasures’ (cool rocks) like Sebastian is.

Sebastian was really excited when he got a Bug Wrangler’s Extreme Suction Bug Vacuum and Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest from Backyard Safari Outfitters.

The Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest is geared for kids a little smaller/younger than Sebastian (he’s 10..it’s for kids ages 5 & up) but he romps around in it just the same.   He loves that the cargo vest has a gazillion pockets to hold things including his compas, a small flashlight, a granola bar, binoculars, a multi-tool.. and the list goes on.  As you can see in one of the photographs below, Sebastian was really excited about the pop-up field guide and was nice enough to share the second one he got, with the bug vacum, with Madelyn.  They walk around with their Backyard Safari Outfitters pop-up field guides like they rule the backyard!

Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest Features:

  • It’s durable – Rugged poly-twill fabric with reinforced detail
  • 4 cargo pockets with velcro closures
  • 1 two inch deep zipper pocket with mesh-net outer pocket
  • 6 D-RINGS
  • 2 over-sized mesh-net cargo pockets in rear

Bug Wrangler’s Extreme Suction Bug Vacuum Features:

Sneak up on bugs and suck them up.. in a nice and gentle way of course! There are THOUSANDS of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs in your backyard – catch them LIVE with your Bug Vac! Look at bugs UP-CLOSE with built-in magnifying glass!

  • 2 catch & release capture cores with built in magnifying glass
  • An extra cone for the really big bugs like the one Sebastian tried to catch in the video below

About Backyard Safari Outfitters

Children can now get up-close and personal with nature right in their own backyard or nearby park. BackyardSafari Outfitters equips young explorers with all the essential field gear they could possibly need for scoping out local “wildlife,” from insects in the grass to birds in the sky to frogs in a pond — and more!  Kids can choose from a broad array of fun gear and tools, including the practical and very snappy looking Cargo Vest, as well as the cool Bug Vacuum, Mega View Periscope – among dozens of other choices.

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