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#GIVEHAPPY With OshKosh B’gosh + 25% Off Coupon

OshKosh B'goshThe holidays are quickly approaching.  What does that mean for me?  It means chaos.   Thankfully, that chaos culminates in fun times and happiness.  The process of getting to the joy of the holidays can be daunting but it’s worth it every year.   I don’t go through chaos just because it’s a holiday and I feel like I have to.   I do it because it’s one time of the year that I know when certain things are happening and can have some kind of plan and strategy.  Otherwise it’s life as usual which is – buy clothes as the kids need them, – go to the grocery as we need groceries, – work, – clean the house when we can, etc.   You get it.

This time of year is when I make plans. I plan what the kids, or my 8-year-old daughter at least, is going to wear to family get together’s and school parties.  I make an official grocery list with things like brown sugar, chocolate chips, and turkey, on it.   Organization is what I appreciate about the holidays, besides spending time with my family.

What Madelyn appreciates about the holidays might be a little different but OshKosh B’gosh’s #GIVEHAPPY campaign has helped us appreciate the little things more, this holiday season.  You can read more on that below.


Madelyn has been growing faster than a weed this year.  It’s like her body is mocking me.  I bought her a new wardrobe in the Spring and she’s already outgrown most of the pieces.  OshKosh B’gosh is one of my favorite places to shop for clothes for her.  The classic styles, bright colors, and comfortable materials are the perfect combination for her.. and I!   I love that almost every piece at OshKosh B’gosh can be machine washed and dried but they are super comfortable and wonderfully fitting pieces that you’d think were only available at high-end stores where a sweater for a child runs upward of $100.  The cute little ensemble Madelyn’s wearing in the photo above cost less than $25!  She’s wearing coral Stretch Twill pants paired with their Ski Lodge sweater which reminds me of the fox from the annoyingly famous song kids love.. you know the one. 😉

OshKosh B'gosh

Her second favorite piece, after the fox sweater, is this red striped french terry pullover.  Oh my gosh.. if they made one for adults I’d have grabbed one for myself.  Too cute.. and comfy!  As you can see, Madelyn prefers casual clothes.  OshKosh B’gosh is our go-to store for casual, cute, comfy items that aren’t too expensive but have that classic look.. not so ‘grown-up girl’ as many of the department stores have these days.  OshKosh B’gosh is great at keeping up with current trends without the short-cut, odd-fabrics that parents tend to find in other kids clothing stores.  I appreciate that they offer cute, stylish clothes that keep Madelyn covered and let her personality shine!

OshKosh B'gosh Store

OshKosh B’gosh is known for their classic denim and World’s Best Overalls but they’ve also got a whole assortment of fashionable looks for holidays and year-round that your kids are sure to love!  OshKosh offers quality products for boys and girls size 0-12 at an outstanding value.

OshKosh B’gosh’s #GIVEHAPPY campaign is helping shoppers remember the importance of celebrating the holidays and delighting in the simple joys of childhood.

OshKosh B'gosh

OshKosh B’gosh wants shoppers to #GIVEHAPPY this holiday season and I’m doing that just by celebrating the little moments with my kids like encouraging Madelyn to hang from trees, skip stones in the stream near our house, read books about Thanksgiving and Christmas together and decorate the house together.  Some ways you can #GIVEHAPPY this season are by giving praise, giving hugs, giving time, and giving laughs!

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Print this 25% off coupon to bring with you when you shop at your local OshKosh B’gosh store or redeem it online!  Find the nearest OshKosh B’gosh store here.

OshKosh B'gosh 25% off coupon

Holiday dressing just got easier! Get into the Christmas spirit and visit OshKosh B’gosh and #GIVEHAPPY!

A 7-Year-Old Girl’s Dream Shopping Trip at OshKosh B’gosh + 25% Off Coupon!

*I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.

As strange as it may sound, I rarely take Madelyn with me when I buy her clothes.  I’d rather buy a bunch of clothes and bring them home for her to say yay or nay to and try on at home, than deal with the potential whining about trying clothes on and me taking too long.  On that note, last week I was brave and took Madelyn to the OshKosh B’gosh store.  I expected whining.  I expected chaos.  And I got it.   Not because she didn’t want to try clothes on.  It was the opposite this time.  She wanted to try on everything!  We were at the store for 2 hours.

When we arrived at OshKosh B’gosh, two employees greeted us. One asked what we were shopping for and one told us about the amazing doorbuster items.   My jaw dropped when she told me that the fleece pullovers were just $9!  If I wasn’t there to buy outfits for school, I would have grabbed a dozen pairs of fleece pants and pullovers and been done with our shopping trip.

OshKosh B'gosh doorbuster sale

After perusing the doorbuster items we made it to the racks of clothes.  Madelyn put three outfits together in a matter of minutes.. then five.. and more and more.   Oh my gosh they were cute outfits too!  I quickly got down on my knees and explained to her that while I would love for her to have a velvet dress with an adorable turtleneck to pair with it and tights, my goal with this shopping trip was to buy her a couple of outfits she could wear to school.  While I was talking to her, I saw her eyes focus on something behind me.  Boots.. “the most super-adorabalist boots EVER” she said…sort of like that new word she came up with earlier this week; fancasual.  She’s on a roll with the interesting new words. That was the end of that conversation.

While she tried on the boots, I found jeggings.   I have bought Madelyn several pairs of jeggings in the last year and she’s worn holes in all of them.  When I picked up a pair of OshKosh’s jeggings, I realized that the jeggings I had bought were not nearly as good quality as OshKosh B’gosh’s.  Their jeggings are thick and seem very durable.

Madelyn paired a knit cardigan from OshKosh B’gosh that she had with one of the outfits we bought, creating this adorable outfit.  This is my favorite of the outfits she picked.  It is practical for school and it will also make a cute holiday outfit.

OshKosh B'gosh little girl outfit

Oh, and aren’t the boots adorable? The boots are regularly $50. I initially told Madelyn she couldn’t get the boots but when she put the effort into putting them on with every outfit she tried on and I saw just how freakin’ cute they are with everything.. I caved.  I was sure the boots were going to put us well over our $100 limit.. but seeing as how our entire purchase was just $96, they didn’t!

I could not believe how many items we were able to get with our $100 gift card at OshKosh B’gosh!  Seriously.  I took a photo to show you just what we bought with $96!

OshKosh B'gosh shopping spree

This is what we got for $96!

Pretty great, right?

OshKosh B’gosh Coupon!

Because I want you to get the same amount of stuff that Madelyn did for just about $100, here is a coupon for 25% off your purchase of $30 or more!

OshKosh B’gosh has offered a special coupon for 25% off a $30 purchase for The Mommy Insider readers! This coupon can also be redeemed online or in your local OshKosh B’gosh store.

OshKosh B’gosh coupon

It was tempting to use my gift card to buy holiday clothes for Madelyn but she can make any outfit look festive with accessories…she’s better at that than I am.. so we refrained on buying ‘holiday specific’ items and went with fun, functional, and comfortable everyday clothes. We’ll be back soon (we got a coupon with our purchase) so maybe we’ll stock up on holiday clothes next time! Here are a few cute pieces that would be great for holiday outfits.

OshKosh B'gosh holiday clothes

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Alicia, The Mommy Insider blog author

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