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Droolz – handcrafted burp cloths and more for baby

I’m New Here… need she say more?  I went to the lacation consultant last week (we were having some problems with "overactive" let down!) and Madelyn wore this onesie. The nurses couldn’t get over the saying!  Put your baby in a Droolz onesie and she is sure to get a lot of great attention!

Sayings include: Small buy mighty, I’m new here, and I don’t know why I’m crying.. I love that one!

Droolz is known for their handcrafted burp cloths which are amazingly soft. The burp clothes are thicker than most which is great.  With most "average" burp cloths, when I am cleaning up what seems to be several ounces of spit up I hate when the spit up soaks through the thin layer of a burp cloth. That’s just gross!

Droolz burp cloths come in 3 packs and in lots of styles to suit your baby girl or boy.

Where to buy: Droolz

gabbybaby – Your baby’s way to communicate!

Need a good laugh? Put your baby in a gabbybaby onesie!  gabbybaby designs including clever sayings like "Im not staring at you, i’m pooping", and "please be nice to my parents, they don’t get a lot of sleep".

gabbybaby even has designs made with the over inquisitive Gap employee in mind like "please don’t ask my daddy if he’s babysitting" and "please don’t ask my mom rude questions".

Click the picture to the right to enlarge and see the design.

Where to buy: gabbybaby

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