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Product Review + Giveaway: Knock Knock, organization at its finest and funniest!

Knock KnockOh my gosh!!  I am totally in love with Knock Knock.   I can’t tell you how many note pads I have laying around the house despite the fact that I have at least 3 to-do/organization programs on my mac to help me stay organized!  Ha Ha!  Can you say “ADHD poster girl”?
We recently had a few home projects to plan and organize and between Tim and I there were about a dozen sheets of paper laying around the house with roofer’s phone numbers, terminology, ratings, etc..  I finally broke down because I didn’t know where to begin.  At the time that we were planning things, I could only dream of one place to keep all of the roofer’s phone numbers, phone notes, and swirly doodles I drew while on the phone with potential roofers.   Knock Knock’s Home Maintenance Organizer would have been a lifesaver – and will be in the future!

Knock Knock makes it easy for me to let Tim know what he can MUST do to make me happy with the Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy notepad.  That cracks me up!  A few of my favorites on the checklist are “wake up”, “remember what you tell me”, and “get it yourself”.

Knock Knock MousepadThe most useful Knock Knock item for me is the Information Central Paper Mousepad.  I am at the computer many many many hours a day and while I’m working, naturally, a million random thoughts are going through my head.  Being able to jot the ideas and thoughts down on my mousepad is so cool!  I love it!

Especially for new parents, the Postpartum Bundle of Joy kit comes complete with a New Parent Checklist for leaving the house, a book straight from Knock Knock’s Self Hurt series titled “How to Traumatize Your Children”, and a voucher booklet for new parents.

We are giving one lucky reader a Knock Knock Errand Manager Pad, Information Central Paper Mousepad, the Happy Mom Bundle, and Home-Maintenance Organizer!  Just leave a comment below telling me an ‘organization or disorganization story’ (ex: did you forget a really important date, lose your keys at a really bad time, or forget to do something important for work?).  I will choose one winner at random.  Entries accepted until June 11th.