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Momentary Impatience with our Daughter’s Sock Sensory Issue

After you read this brief story about my experience this morning and if you have a child who has sensory issues and doesn’t like to wear socks, clothes, shoes, etc. please leave me a comment with any tips on how to handle this type of issue.  Thank you!

We were in a hurry to get the kids ready for summer camp this morning and Miss M didn’t like the socks she was wearing for camp. She told us this after she was situated in the car, ready to go, which itself took way too long. Miss M was squeamish in her car seat because her socks were so uncomfortable.

child doesn't like to wear socks
These are 2 pairs of socks that our daughter doesn't like

Madelyn has had an aversion to socks ever since we put socks on her for the first time. As a baby she would rub her feet together to get the socks off.  Now, she says that the seam hurts her.  We even buy seamless socks like these.   I never understood why, but after researching the Internet about children with sensory issues, I found that it is very possible that even the seam of a sock can hurt her foot. I found a lot of websites like these here and here on which mothers talk to other mothers about this phenomenon and how socks can actually ‘hurt’ a child.

Madelyn’s dad got very aggravated because he and the kids were already in the car, ready to pull out of the driveway when this drama happened. I was trying to help when I asked if he had any other socks with him or if he knew where some other socks might be and he said “no” as he huffed and puffed while dealing with Madelyn.

I ran inside the house to get her a new pair of socks, came out and handed my husband the socks and I quietly said “these were in her drawer”.  I swear I didn’t mean anything by it except for stating a pure fact. The socks were in her drawer.’  His reply was “was it really necessary to tell me that”?  Kind of startled, I said “no, but I sure didn’t mean anything bad by it”.  I hugged and kissed the kids goodbye and they drove off.

So now I’m thinking of ways we can avoid this situation in the future.  One solution would be for Madelyn to pick out her outfit the night before camp or school and wear the complete outfit so she can make sure it’s comfortable. Have her wear the outfit around the house for 30 minutes or so. Then she would know before the day of, if the outfit is comfortable or not, and we wouldn’t have to spend 30 minutes changing socks, shoes, and shorts because there is something wrong with what she’s wearing.

My daughter does not have ‘official’ sensory issues but she has had an issue with socks, shoes, and pants since she was a baby.  She is 6 years old now.  She prefers to wear dresses and sandals all the time so she doesn’t have to deal with socks, shoes, pants, or shorts.


Do you have a child who doesn’t like to wear socks or has an aversion to other clothing?
How do you handle it?

An MRI and an Alien Invasion – A Personal Story




MRI Machine
MRI Machine - that's a narrow tube, right?

I was diagnosed with Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine about two years ago.  I have dealt with the pain by doing Yoga, stretching, and laying on a heating pad every night.  I’d like to think that I can tolerate pain pretty well these days.
In April though, I started experiencing more severe pain than usual in my neck and upper back and decided that I needed to see my doctor again.  The doctor checked me out, gave me a shot of something that made it so that I couldn’t drive, and said I needed to get an X-ray and MRI right away.  Party time, right?

The X-ray was no trouble at all.  Quick and easy.

The MRI on the other hand.. quick and easy was not the case.

I am a bit claustrophobic. I don’t like sitting with my back to the crowd because I prefer to always see how I can get out of a room if I need to. I don’t like hanging out in closets, and I prefer not to go through underground tunnels when driving if I can avoid it.

During my MRI this morning I thought I was going to have to push what the nurse called ‘the rescue button‘ for at least the first 5 minutes of being inside the narrow MRI tube.  My heart was pounding what seemed like a thousand beats per minute and I thought I was going to stop breathing because I thought surely I wouldn’t be able to escape from the narrow tube if I needed to or the tube was going to collapse on top of me.   In hindsight I know that if I really needed to get out of the tube I could have scooted out of the tube and that the chances of the tube collapsing on me were very slim.  Those facts were not at all reality while I was inside the MRI machine.

The alien space invasion

alien invasion sounds
This is the alien I was visioning while stuck in the tube.

After I got over the claustrophobia issue, I felt like I was in the center of an alien space invasion.. for 30 minutes.  The noises that came out of that machine were insane!   There were loud booms, ticks, and zappy sounds for the 30 minutes I was inside the machine.

After 30 minutes the nurses voice came through a speaker and he said  “It’s over now.  That wasn’t so bad, was it?”.  It’s like he had no idea that I was just zipped into another dimension for 30 minutes.  Really, how could he not know?

Want to know more about MRI and Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine?

Alicia Hagan, Editor