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My NapPak

This is one of my all time favorites. I purchased a NapPak for Sebastian 3 years ago and he can still use it today. He is now 7. The NapPak is an all-in-one pillow, comforter and attached fleece
that can be used as a school nap mat, at slubmer parties, and at Grandma’s house.

The NapPak has a super soft pillow and with designs for both girls and boys, kids are sure to love their NapPak for years.. just like Sebastian has.

NapPaks can be monogrammed with your child’s name. The monogramming is done is really cute fonts that kids love.

When Sebastian started Pre-K (years old) I was nervous that he wouldn’t be able to roll up his NapPak by himself which is required by the teachers, but he could! His friends in class loved his NapPak. It is so much better than those plastic mats the school supplies or that you buy at Target. The NapPak rolls up and is secured with Velco closures. It even has a handle for easy carrying!

The NapPak is machine washable and can be dried!

Where to buy:  My NapPak