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Mommy Bag by Rebecca Denny

Calling all women!  Wait.. calling all mommies and women!Rebeccadenny

You were a woman before you were a mom, right? Well, why sacrifice your style by toting around a bla diaper bag from the baby store when you can proudly carry what looks like a purse, but has the functionality of a diaper bag?  Yes, it’s true!  Rebecca Denny has created the much needed Mommy Purse.   

I love the soft textured fabric and elegant design of the Pineapple Mommy Purse. The inside room is great and features lots of pockets including an outside pocket on either end to accommodate bottles and sippy cups for easy access. The front exterior of the bag has two large pockets, each measuring 7×7 that will hold your sunglasses, cell phone, wallet, etc. Rebecca didn’t forget about the personal items that we must take with us at times.  She includes a large zipper pocket in the interior of the bag that will hold your personal items (chapstick, compact powder, girly things, etc).

Go to rebeccadenny.com and you will see four beautiful designs in her Spring/Summer 07 collection and you can also take a sneak peek at her Fall/Winter collection!

Where to buy: Rebbeca Denny