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CORNEILLE, The Birth of Cornelius CD


I LOVE this CD.  I am very picky about the music I listen to. It takes a really good voice to make me happy and I won't waste my time on music that I consider to be less than perfect.  A few of my favorite artists are  Tori Amos, Cocteau Twins, Enya, and Sarah McLachlan.  Corneille's music is not limited to one genre which I appreciate.  There is a mix of R & B, soul, and 'jazzy' music on The Birth of Cornelius. 

Corneille, The Birth of Cornelius is a CD you can listen to while
driving, taking a relaxing bath, or while fixing dinner.  I find it
extremely relaxing and easy to listen to while working. This CD is a moms best friend.

I you feel so inclined to listen to and watch the very handsome Corneille speak french, click over to The Birth of Cornelius website where even if you don't understand a work he's saying, you'll feel the loveHearticon
. And if you can't get enough of Cornelius you can download a nice crisp photograph of him for your desktop!  While you're on the website, you can listen to tracks and watch videos.

Corneille's story is one of happiness, sorrow, and reconnection. Corneille was born in Germany and at the age of six his family returned to Rwanda, their country of origin.  As a boy, Corneille began to develop an interest in music—initially discovering Michael Jackson and then the great soul artists who would shape his style: Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Prince.   When Corneille's father heard him singing in his room as a young boy, his father said to him, ‘That sounds good, it kind of sounds like Tracy Chapman.’   At age 16, he made his first recording, and was selected as a finalist in a music contest sponsored by the state-run television station.

Cornelius The 1994 genocide claimed the lives of both of his parentsCorneille alone escaped and he made his way to Germany to live with family friends where he spend the next 10 years in denial but never bitter.  Corneille is a truly amazing man as you will learn through his music.

Corneille is a Red Cross Canada spokeperson, has been made a Unicef
Goodwill Ambassador, and continues to be active in those and other
humanitarian roles.